Lucrative pay fuels cutthroat MP contest

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022 03:40 | By
Lucrative pay fuels cutthroat MP contest
Parliament in session. PD/file

Kenyan legislators are among the highest paid in the world, making competition for elective seats stiff.

On average, an MP takes home between Sh621,250 and Sh710,000 as basic salary in addition to several allowances. That means each member gets a minimum of Sh1,378,000 every month, about half of which is tax free. Only allowances are taxed. The perks include mileage, sitting and responsibility allowances.

In addition to the lucrative allowances, MPs also enjoy a Sh5 million official car grant scheme to buy cars during every five-year term. A grant means they only repay the premium without interest. They also qualify for a personal car loan from the government for as much as Sh7 million repayable at interest of three per cent.

Besides the high-end vehicles, the legislators are also entitled to a weekly mileage allowance of Sh109 per kilometre for as many as 750 kilometres per week and monthly car maintenance allowance of Sh356,525.

They are further eligible for a State-backed mortgage of up to Sh20 million, payable at three per cent interest per annum.

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