Machogu wades into UoN woes, calls for resolutions

Thursday, May 30th, 2024 01:00 | By
Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu. PHOTO/@machoguezekiel/X
Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu. PHOTO/@machoguezekiel/X

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has said the government will not tolerate wrangles in the University of Nairobi and directed the institution’s management to call itself to order.

Machogu said Vice-Chancellor, Prof Gitahi Kiama and Council Chairman, Prof Amukowa Anangwe should immediately solve arising differences and allow the university to run smoothly.

The minister stated that the back-and- forth between the two is unnecessary, especially given that Chancellor Prof Patrick Verkooijen is just a few months old in the institution since his appointment.

“If they do not want to support the agenda of the Chancellor, si hata mnajua vile nitafanya (you know what I will do). Mimi sitakubali kamwe university ambayo the President amesomwa, my boss hapo, mimi kama waziri wa elimu alafu sasa wengine wanakuja na agenda mbaya (I will not allow the university that the President went to, Prime Cabinet Secretary and myself among others, and now people are bringing in a bad agenda. Do we really need that? If they want to fight they can go elsewhere but not at the university,” he warned.

Institution partners

Machogu spoke during the UoN partnership forum in Nairobi, in the presence of both Gitahi and Anangwe among other institution’s partners.

“We cannot encourage wrangles, the VC and Council must work together to achieve the goals and objectives set out for the university. We cannot allow people to cross the red line. If I have appointed you to the council, why go and do other things there? CS posed.

During the event, Prime Cabinet Secretary, Musalia Mudavadi urged institutions of higher learning to adopt sustainable interventions to build their resilience.

He challenged the institutions to also work closely with the Government and create linkages with the international community to forge a legacy of innovation and resilience.

Innovation legacy

“Let us forge a legacy of innovation and unwavering dedication to the national interest. Let us ensure that higher institutions of learning do not only shine as beacons of knowledge and excellence but, also stand out as testaments to our collective resolve to uplift our nation in all spheres of life,” said Mudavadi.

He said Kenya’s prosperity hinges on a collective effort where the pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence is intertwined with the commitment to national service. Mudavadi also urged students to use their skills and knowledge to address the challenges in the society, innovate solutions targeted to improving livelihoods of the citizens and lead initiatives that drive sustainable development.

 According to Mudavadi, strive for academic excellence will impact on a greater contribution to a shared prosperity for Kenyans through initiatives undertaken by institutions.

He challenged universities in particular through their respective leadership to take cognizant of the ever-evolving global dynamics and be pragmatic towards finding solutions to the current challenges.

“Our expectations are particularly high about the future role of Kenyan universities in developing expanded research partnerships with other leading international institutions. Such strategic collaboration will enhance research capabilities, access cutting-edge resources and foster collaboration on groundbreaking research projects that address national, regional and global challenges,” he stated.

Also during the event, Mudavadi unveiled the “Big 5” Transformational Initiatives aimed at propelling the university to a fit-for-purpose sustainable and resilient future.

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