Mackenzie lawyer claims life in danger after attack

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 06:10 | By
Mackenzie lawyer claims life in danger after attack
Paul Mackenzie’s lawyer Wycliffe Makasembo (seated, centre) during an appearance at the Shanzu Law Courts. PD/BONFACE MSANGI

Suspected Shakahola cult leader Paul Mackenzie’s lawyer Wycliffe Makasembo now claims his life is in danger after he was reportedly mugged by unknown people.

Makasembo who appeared in court for the mention of his client’s case told Shanzu Senior Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda that he was losing his eyesight after his eyes were splashed with unknown chemicals.

“I am requesting an adjournment to allow me seek treatment after an unknown chemical was poured onto my face. I am slowly losing my eyesight following a mugging incident on Sunday,” he told the court.

Mackenzie alongside his aides had been arraigned before the court yesterday following completion of their  90 days detention at the Shimo La Tewa GK Prison.

 “I was mugged for my role in representing Mackenzie and his aides. I am so weak I cannot talk, I cannot stand. I need time to seek advanced medical treatment,” he noted.

He further informed the court that during the incident that has since been reported to police, he also lost his mobile phone.

“I am hereby requesting for an adjournment and I am slowly losing my energy. I need time to consult experts on what transpired, I am too weak to comment on any proceedings in the court today,” he said.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) through Senior Principal Prosecution counsel Yamina Jamii tabled yet another application that now seeks to have the suspects detained for 180 more days to allow police to complete investigations.

Jamii informed the court that homicide detectives were yet to complete investigations.

“I am before you with yet a new application that seeks for more days. The investigations are so complex and the witnesses in the matter are not cooperating with the investigators,” said Yamina.

Mackenzie has been in detention since March. No criminal charges have been leveled against him.  Shikanda allowed the adjournment to allow time for the defense counsel to seek treatment.

Jamii  has filed a fresh application seeking court orders to have  Makenzie and his co-suspects detained for six months (180 days) to enable the police to conclude investigations into the Shakahola massacre.

He informed the court  that investigations were yet to be concluded  after the expiry of a court order that ordered for the  detention of Makenzie 47 days.

Jamiis application has been supported by an affidavit sworn by lead homicide detective, Chief Inspector Raphael Wanjohi, which indicates that DNA profiling of 429 bodies exhumed from the Shakahola ranch was  is delicate, expensive, hard and time-consuming process.

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