Magoha: All pupils wi*l proceed to High School even if they score zero in particular subjects

Monday, March 28th, 2022 16:56 | By
Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha during a past event. PHOTO/File

Education CS Prof George Magoha has insisted that all the over 1.2 million pupils who sat for the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Examination (KCPE) examination will proceed to high school.

Speaking during the release of the KCPE exam at Mtihani House in Nairobi, the CS said that the directive is in line with the government's directive which pushes for a 100 per cent transition to high school.

Magoha further noted that even the learners who were caught cheating in the national exams will proceed to high school. He, however, insisted that pupils who were caught colluding in the exams will be punished as per the law.

He said that these learners will only be punished by giving them zero marks in the particular subject they were caught cheating on; a move he said would affect their overall marks.

"We must not forget about the 100 per cent transition which is in line with the government requirement. All of the children who sat for exams will transit to high school including those who were caught colluding in the exams," Magoha said.

"The law says that if a child is caught colluding in a primary school exam for a particular subject, then the child will get a zero in that subject. Until now I don't think if there is a child who was caught cheating in all the papers," he added.

Magoha, however, noted that the learners will only be admitted to a high school that matches the marks they got in KCPE.

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