Magoha reassures on reforms, implementation of one-student one-book policy in schools

Friday, January 17th, 2020 21:43 | By
Education CS Prof George Magoha

Education CS Prof George Magoha has stated that all public primary and  secondary students have text books in the ratio of one student to one book as required to implement the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). 

Magoha said the government had procured the books at 20 percent cheaper price than earlier projected.

The CS made the remarks during the security meeting with top government officials in Mombasa Friday.

“The government has got rid of cartels in schools’ stationery business and engaged worthy publishers who adhered to the requirements,” said Magoha.

Magoha said the Government has trained 339,000 teachers for effective delivery of the CBC, adding that teachers are in classes and teaching in the schools without fail.

He challenged individuals, including government officials at the grassroots such as chiefs and their assistants to go to schools unannounced and confirm the facts.

The CS, however, expressed his disappointment on the unappreciative nature of some members of the public who do not give credit to the government for the good deeds it has invested in development of the education sector in the country.

 He said he was surprised that Kenyans do not see good deeds by the government, adding that the media, too, reported discordance in the roll-out of CBC which had hiccups at unveiling time but that now all is well.

Magoha observed there was no teachers' intake last year but this year the government will take in CDC teachers including an additional 10,000 teachers on internship to bridge the teacher-student ratio.

The Education boss observed that university education is also expected to be aligned to the new CBC curriculum this year.

On 100 percent transition to secondary education, the CS said the government had disbursed funds to facilitate the transition to all schools according to the data submitted to the office on the National Education Management Integrated System (NEMIS)

He cautioned education officials who had not submitted the information on NEMIS to do so since the Ministry relies on the data to keep track of the students and allocate required resources to achieve set targets.

The CS commended schools that have transmitted the data on NEMIS, asking those who haven’t, to do so by close the same day Friday, when Form One intake closes.

Magoha mentioned exemplary innovation exhibited by the Principal Machakos School, where the teaching fraternity have gone an extra mile to contribute to poor students unable to report to the school besides having performed well to qualify to join the national school.

He said despite the principal coming from the Western part of the country he has ensured the students in the school in Eastern side have a chance to study and shape their futures.

 CS equally commended some county governments who prudently went a notch higher to enable children to gain entry into secondary schools including  private institutions.

Magoha corrected those funding only pupils who got 400 marks and above, saying they  have missed the point since not all of them come from poor backgrounds.

 “What impact does it have to offer my child a scholarship when I am the Minister for Education and capable of sending my child to any school in the world?” posed the CS.

He said scoring 400 marks in primary school is not important instead all pupils are capable of being their best if all their requirements are met.

Magoha  advised those who finished secondary schools and did not qualify for university to enroll at Technical and Vocation Education and Training (TVET) institutions, adding that being a plumber is more glamorous than a graduate without a job.

He said the government plans to build 130 more TVET institutions to provide the much-needed technical expertise demand in the country to the already existing 44.

CS appealed for a change in mindset with many young people preferring to go drive taxis or clean toilets in countries abroad than serving their country at similar positions.

He said with the ongoing university reforms, 125,000 students qualified for positions in universities, saying the Ministry is working to get the number to 500,000 as desired according to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s set target to the Ministry at the end of the year.

On insecurity, the CS urged Kenyans, especially teachers in affected areas, to be brave and confront the situation as the government has put in place adequate security measures to combat any incidents.

He said schools in insecurity-prone areas have been secured and more enforcement is being done through a multi-sector agency approach with all government and other stakeholders to ensure continued delivery of government services to its people. - KNA

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