Magoha to Kenyans: Apologise for questioning my style or else…

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Magoha to Kenyans: Apologise for questioning my style or else.

Mambo Matata

Cut to the quick by the reaction to his abrasive style of management, Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha is reportedly demanding a national apology, failure to which Kenya will suffer consequences, the likes of which have never been witnessed before.

With smoke coming out of his professorial ears, sources intimidated, the minister said only an apology from Kenyans on social media, teachers’ unions, council of elders such as the Njuri Ncheke and “foolish” education ministry officials would avert the hurricane that is about to hit the country.

“The CS cannot, for the life of him, begin to believe that anyone who is not God or Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta (his appointing authority) can dare question his decisions or style.

He is completely flabbergasted,” said the source who did not want to go on record discussing the CS’s meltdown.

According the source, Magoha is demanding that Kenya acknowledges the utter folly of questioning his way of doing things and confesses that only he can fix the mess in the education sector and the entire country, in whatever style he chooses.

Unless Kenya cleans up its act and accepts it had made a huge mistake by criticising him, the minister reportedly said, the country will soon get an earful from the good professor.

Only an apology to Magoha, in paid adverts on all daily newspapers, radio and TV stations, periodicals, blogs and other social media platforms, would save the country from what is about to befall it, according to sources.

Reportedly, the minister also expects reputable emissaries to be sent to him to persuade him to change his mind about the wrath he is about to visit on the country for daring to cast aspersions at his leadership of the ministry.

“The delegation must consist of very respectable people without a whiff of ujinga about them.

As you already know, the minister is totally allergic to that kind of thing and goes into a fit of fury whenever he smells it,” said the source.

Among the things the CS is said to expect to hear from the emissaries is that he is the best thing to have happen to the education system since the chalk board and that public humiliation is the only language the average Kenyan public servant understands.

Sources close to the sources privy to the ministers thoughts say he expects to be informed that his handling of the education sector during the Corona pandemic has been excellent and deserves nothing short of a standing ovation from the country. 

The minister, the source says, would demand from the emissaries that instead of some of his duties being taken away from him, the Public Service Commission should, in fact, give him the job of Cabinet prefect.

Meanwhile, the country is beginning to seriously question the wisdom of taking on Magoha. 

Sources close to the teachers’ unions and social media say there is a lot of soul searching going on about the recent criticism of the minister and whether it was the right thing to do.

“Even the usually daring Njuri Ncheke elders, known to stand up to presidents, are worried that they may have bitten more than they can chew by demanding an apology from the minister and threatening to curse him,” said a source.

 The gusty teachers’ unions are also reportedly considering backing down for the first time and profusely apologising to the Cabinet Secretary.

By press time, clues had begun to emerge about the nature of the unspecified action the minister was about to take if the country does not come to its senses and apologise to him.

Sources say Magoha could be considering storming out of Jogoo House in a huff, leaving in his wake a country wallowing in an epidemic of foolishness and mass illiteracy.

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