Maraga tells Judiciary staff to be w*ry of external forces

Friday, December 18th, 2020 00:00 | By
Chief Justice David Maraga with his wife, Yucabeth Nyaboke, during his farewell visit to Mombasa Photo/PD/NDEGWA GATHUNGU

Chief Justice David Maraga has told judges and magistrates not to be cowed by threats and intimidations, from external forces, but instead remain true to the rule of law  and Constitution.

The CJ said this during a tribute and thanksgiving ceremony in his honour held at the Mombasa Law Courts where he reiterated that corruption and intimidation remains a threat to the country’s course of justice.

“As I exit the Judiciary I want to say I leave behind a solid Judiciary, I want to tell the men and women who are in the Judiciary they will receive a lot of threats but if they support each other, remain true to the rule of law, constitutionalism and follow principles set by self, the threats will not intimidate them as Kenyans will fight for them,” said Maraga.

Endemic corruption

Maraga said the country is going through tough times and urged Kenyans to protect the judiciary.

 He said the biggest challenge the country is facing at the moment is endemic corruption and if something is not done fast the country will end up in ruins.

“We have a serious challenge as a country and the greatest threat to this country  at the moment is  not the corona pandemic despite its severity notwithstanding but corruption, the looting by those we have trusted with the custody of these resources will ruin this country” he added.

He asked judicial officials to  do what is right and forget about those opposing them.

“To maintain public confidence in the Judiciary, we, as its officials, should examine ourselves and know if we are engaging in practices that might discredit us, I have received threats and intimidation but I sleep soundly because I know my conscience is clear and so you should follow the same,” he added.

Courageous man

He was acknowledged as an honest, hard working and courageous man by the president of the Court of Appeal Judge William Ouko. He said Maraga has been very resourceful to the Judiciary. 

“We are proud of you as you retire, we as Kenyans are humbled to have had you as our Chief Justice who again is retiring without having taken a bribe” said Justice Ouko.

Prominent lawyer John Khaminwa poured accolades on Justice Maraga as an honest  and courageous man who did not shy away from making a ruling in the 2017 presidential election that to date is greatly admired by many.

“I have tremendous admiration for you and I am sad that you have to retire. You have so much knowledge that we pray that those in leadership could utilize your wise counsel instead of you retiring and just staying at home wasting away all this great knowledge” said Khaminwa.

Mombasa based counsel Gikandi Ngibuini equated the outgoing CJ  to the biblical David who rose from a humble beginning and grew to be a courageous leader.

“Despite threat towards you, we have heard you being told things will be revisited, you rose to the moment and interpreted the Constitution without fear or favour and because of that we cannot stop admiring you” narrated Gikandi.

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