Maragua dam to be ready in one year – PS Irungu

Thursday, February 27th, 2020 16:36 | By

The construction of Maragua dam is on course and will be complete in one year's time, the permanent secretary in the ministry of water Joseph Irungu has revealed.

Irungu said the bidding process for the construction of the dam has been concluded and the contract awarded.

Speaking during an inspection tour to the Ndinda Irrigation project in Maragua the PS said the dam is projected to cost Sh800 million.

"We are expecting all the work to be complete in one year's time and we are going to monitor closely to ensure there are no delays he said.

Upon completion the dam shall serve about 170, 000 homesteads in the lower Murang'a and the water shall be used for both domestic and irrigation purposes.

"We are targeting the relatively dry areas among them Kambiti, Makuyu, Maragua Ridge and Kamahuha" he said.

This will be the second largest water reservoir to be constructed in the county as it will be holding 60 million cubic litres of water. Ndakaini is the biggest with a capacity of 70 million cubic litres.

The dam shall tap the water from Irate and Gikigie rivers which are also feeding the norther collector tunnel.

The Ps said the dam is part of the government's plan to increase water supply to the locals this being part of the compensation for the water being taken to Nairobi.

"The county is endowed with many rivers and we have e ough water to give the residents and the people of Nairobi" he said.

Irungu said the county has several water projects amounting to Sh10 billion aimed at benefiting the locals.

"In the next two years every home shall be connected to clean piped water"he added.

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