May 5, 2024: Top news events to look out for today

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Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists & Dentists Union (KMPDU) Secretary General Davji Atellah. PHOTO/Atellah(@Davji)/X
Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists & Dentists Union (KMPDU) Secretary General Davji Atellah. PHOTO/Davji Atellah(@Davji)/X

Here is what you need to know to get up to speed with today's happenings.

Doctors' strike

The doctors have refused to sign a return-to-work formula with the government, even as their strike enters the 53rd day.

On Saturday, the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Dentists Union (KMPDU) secretary general Davji Attellah claimed the government attempted to use threats and force them to sign an incomplete return to work formula, which they rejected.

"Last evening, another attempt by the Union to negotiate failed after the government side refused to engage us on any of the clauses that the National Advisory Council, NAC, found unsatisfactory. They instead decided to use veiled threats and blackmail to force us to sign an incomplete and one-sided return-to-work formula," Atellah said.

"KMPDU will not be ambushed or coerced to sign a document that goes against our CBA 2017. We will not succumb to the intransigence of the government, nor shall we honour a marriage proposal to sacrifice our union members at the altar of cheap theatrics and short-lasting pleasure. We shall not be intimidated."


The Kenya Meteorological Department has forecast light to moderate rainfall on Sunday in most parts of the country. However, isolated cases of heavy to very heavy rainfall are expected in Central, Nairobi, South Eastern, Rift Valley and the Coastal regions.

"Light (<5mm) to Moderate (5-20mm) rainfall is expected across various parts of the country. Isolated Heavy (20-50mm) to Very Heavy (>50mm) downpours are likely in some parts of the Central, Nairobi, Southeastern, Rift Valley, and Coastal regions," the weatherman said.

The department says that Tropical Cyclone Hidaya has significantly weakened after making landfall on Mafia Island in Tanzania at 9 am on Saturday morning, as confirmed by the Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA).

As a result, heavy rainfall is expected offshore along the Kenyan coast from Sunday, May 5, intensifying and propagating inland and along the coast on Monday, May 6, to Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

"The effects of the cyclone are already being felt offshore, with strong winds exceeding 40 knots (20.6 m/s) and large waves surpassing two meters," the weatherman added.

Residents, particularly in coastal regions and individuals involved in marine activities in the Indian Ocean, are encouraged to take maximum precautions.

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