MCA badly embarra***s our governor after budget cuts

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MCA Gwinso

Without doubt, our governor is popular on the ground but kwa County Assembly, vitu ni different’. 

After the cost-cutting measures he rammed down our throats, he is a marked man.

However, this is not reason enough to subject a whole county chief executive to the kind of public embarrassment I saw the other day. MCA Chonjo must apologise to the whole county.

It all began with an invitation to attend the official launching of a ‘multi-million-shilling health and sanitation facility’ at a trading centre in Chonjo’s ward. The event was to be presided over by the governor himself. 

On the day of the launch, I found that besides our host, I was the only other MCA in attendance. So the resentment among my colleagues towards the governor was real! However, there was a sizeable crowd.

There were a few choirs practising by the sides. Most importantly, media people, cameras and all, were present. What more could a governor wish for? 

Amidst all the mbwembwes, one thing, however, bothered me as I sat on the makeshift dais: The size of the facility to be launched.

All I could see was a small building, festooned. Across its door was a red ribbon. Next to it was a veiled plaque.

My efforts to get answers from Chonjo were fruitless for the ward rep was busy moving up and down giving orders. 

Heap praise 

Soon the governor’s entourage arrived. The county supremo alighted from his car and strode majestically to the dais, acknowledging greetings from the crowd.

Karibu Gavana wetu,” said Chonjo, who was also doubling as the emcee. “We shall begin with entertainment.”

A group of dancers belted out a tune in praise of the governor’s wise leadership. The county boss could not resist the urge to join them for a jig.  The cameras trained on him must have inspired those vigorous dance steps he unleashed.

After the entertainment session, Chonjo took to the podium to introduce his team and give his remarks.

“Your excellency, your concern for the health of your people is known all over the world.

This project you are about to launch was actually your brainchild. We are very fortunate to have a health-conscious and  sanitation-loving governor like you.” 

Chonjo went on to heap praise after praise on the county chief. I was, however, taken aback when he declared that the proper construction of the facility was yet to begin. The governor also looked a little perturbed.

“Part of Phase A is ready for the launching today. This is the toilet section of the facility.

We all know how important a toilet is.  Bwana Governor, please open it officially, and then give us your words of wisdom.”

Inspect facility

Chonjo and I accompanied the governor as he ambled towards the building. He was then given a pair of scissors with which he cut the red ribbon.

He then unveiled the plaque. It was obvious Chonjo had not taken time to read it, or else he would have corrected ‘Pubic Toilet’ and the misspelling of the governor’s name.

Makofiiiii,” the MCA yelled. “Now Sir, please get in and inspect the facility to ensure it is up to the expected standard.”

At first, the governor looked reluctant, but then, perhaps not wanting to cause a scene, got in. 

“Wananchi, our governor is now testing the facility to see that it is perfect,” said Chonjo to my utter disgust. I wished I could snatch the mic from him.

A few moments later, the governor emerged from the comfort room. On his face was the most murderous look I had ever seen him wearing. He went straight to his vehicle and was driven off, leaving us befuddled. 

Keen to save my governor’s public image, I pleaded with the media fellows not to report a thing about the event. 

Thankfully, to date, I have not seen anything related to it in the press. I hope everything will remain under wraps, or else tutaambia watu nini[email protected]

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