MCAs refuse to approve Wamatangi cabinet nominees

Thursday, November 10th, 2022 05:50 | By
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Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Kiambu governor Kimani Wamatangi will have to wait to form his government indefinitely after the Kiambu County Assembly declined to approve his appointees on Tuesday.

Members of the County Assembly accused the Speaker Wilson Thiong’o who chaired the public appointment committee of ambushing them with the motion to approve the ten nominees.

Assembly Chief Whip Nelson Munga who exclusively spoke to People Daily yesterday said that members ought to have been furnished with the committee report before it was tabled at the floor of the house.

He said that civic leaders should be given time to go through the detailed report by the committee in order to make informed decisions.

“We are not robots. We can’t just flip through the order paper and then approve it’s content blindly,” he said. “The vetting was not done publicly as was the case at the National Assembly and hence we hardly know the nominees. It’s therefore prudent for the house to give members time to critically read and understand the document”.

Erroneous motions

Munga further said that the Assembly will no longer be used as a rubber stamp by the executive as has been the case in previous regimes.

His remarks were echoed by Limuru Central representative Nduta Mwongi who said that the approval of the CECs should not be treated like an emergency.

“People want us to approve erroneous motions hurriedly under the pretext of correcting the same later. That has been the precedence and we should not allow that to happen,” she said adding:

“How can you bring me a document with 10  names and tell me to take it as one motion. Bring me independent candidates so that I can then look at candidates individually”.

Last month, Wamatangi appointed his cabinet retaining four of his predecessor’s  County Executive Committee Members.

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