Media council admits betting is source of livelihood, w*rns against unscrupulous practice

Thursday, August 12th, 2021 17:23 | By
CEO David Omwoyo.

The Media Council of Kenya has placed Media Houses on the spot over running unatorised betting games.

In a statement issued by the council on Thursday, August 12, MCK stated that much as betting is a source of livelihood, the games ought to be regulated to shield members of the public from unfair bets.

MCK, CEO David Omwoyo said the betting environment is delicate, as it is a source of revenue for many media houses. However, the Taskforce on betting has noted that some media houses are running unauthorised gaming activities and that is an area that needs regulation.

“By leaving the betting landscape unmanaged, we have left space for the rise of fake betting firms that do not comply with the set standards. We want to ensure that we safeguard the vulnerable in the society, this being a matter of public interest,” the CEO said.

“The Media Council seeks to ensure that media relies on reliable sources of income. We look forward to the Taskforce recommendations, which we will turn into regulatory guidelines and enforce,” the CEO further said during the third day of the Media Council betting taskforce retreat.

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