Menstrual waste and it’s use in the occult world

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Proper disposal of sanitary pads is key. PD/NDEGWA GATHUNGU

Menstruation is one thing that almost all women around the world can relate to. Feminine power!  

Beyond biology, it is said that menstruation is a spiritual occurrence that allows women to connect to a deeper part of themselves. It’s a time to release old and negative energies, and begin a new phase of self-growth and reflection. 

In many ancient cultures, menstruation was seen as a sacred and precious time. Due to its connection to the cycle of the moon phases, menstruating women were believed to harness great shamanic (healing practice) and spiritual power. Anthropologists suggest this may explain the use of menstrual huts in certain cultures, originally intended as safe spaces for women to retreat at the ‘height of their powers’. 

The improper disposal of menstrual waste, though has been a matter of concern. If you have ever walked or driven past a garbage dumping site, then you may have noticed some of those used sanitary towels. The worst feeling is imagining the encounter people who work at these sites have as they rummage through the garbage for recyclables and reusable garbage. Must be one of the hardest jobs, right? 

And while there are those genuinely working through the garbage, mystics have it that they are not the only ones making a living off of those garbage heaps. There are contracted destiny hunters who hunt after materials such as used sanitary pads and sell them to people who need the for rituals.

It might seem very much like a myth or dark tale, but Mijikenda elder, Biasha Kache believes that this is a reality and women need to handle their used sanitary pads more carefully.

“Blood represents life, destiny and glory. And as a woman, your period blood is attached to your reproduction. The people who would want to use your period blood against you are probably those who know you and are jealous of your reproduction. They see that you are doing well in life and want to block that,” she says. She adds, “So, for instance if an evil person finds your used pad and digs a hole and covers it with a container on the ground, this may result to misfortunes such as barrenness— as long as that pad is covered under the ground you will not conceive. If they take it and bury it at the river banks, then your periods will flow non-stop just as that water in the river flows. So, as a woman, your period days are sensitive and need to be treated as so. Don’t just leave pads in the toilet, if you can’t burry or use a pit latrine, burn them.” 

While Kache observes how period blood is attached to reproduction, it is also believed that menstrual fluids may be misused for black magic to ruin one’s destiny and cause misfortunes.

However, Founder of Reasons to Smile (menstrual health) Community Based Organisation, Beata Mbula believes that it could be old tales used to scare women into discipline.

Fear factor

“I have heard this tale about witchcraft and used pads. But how will someone know that it’s mine out there? So, I don’t really agree.  I feel like this is a threat just like they used to warn women not to eat gizzards when a chicken was slaughtered because it was the man’s share.  I think it’s one of those. So, when you are told a witch will take your pad, of course you have to do a better job disposing it off,” shares Beata.

While her organisation works in rural parts of the community training young girls on menstrual health hygiene, she  believes that they are doing a better job disposing them since most use pit latrines unlike in the city. The organisation has also introduced  reusable sanitary pads, which solves most of these threats to the environment.

Speaking on the same, Mombasa based Gospel artiste; Jolline Katama rebukes this as fear gospel that Christians should not subscribe to by all means. 

“The word of God says that we have received not the spirit of fear, but of power. We know that the soul of man is in his blood as the scriptures say. As a born again Christian who have received Christ; you are under the covenant of his blood. The Spirit of God is freedom; we should not live in this kind of fear. We are living in such a dynamic community, and you don’t need to induce this kind of fear in people. If I am a child of God, you can’t do anything with my blood. In fact, my blood having been mixed with the blood of Jesus must be poison to those wicked people. If they take it to do anything with it, then it is bound to start a war in their kingdom. As Christians, faith with vigilance is very vital, because if you are not vigilant in prayer, then it is not just your blood that they can use against you,” shares the young pastor and gospel musician. 

While it is possible for personal items from anyone to be used by evil people against their owners, she intimates that only the blood of Jesus can protect you.

“We are indeed in a constant warfare, and we need to always be guarded up. Read the Word, pray and stand in the gap. I believe that no one can do anything against me when God is for me,” she adds.

Well, no matter the case, they all agree the proper disposal of sanitary pads is essential if we are to protect our environment. Because it is an ugly thought what happens when it rains and some of that waste find its ways into rivers, or what happens when animals such as dogs scavenge for food in garbages. 

While it is advised to be one of the best ways out… burning of pads releases harmful gasses that effects health and environment. Burning of inorganic material at low temperature releases dioxins, which are toxic and carcinogenic in nature. The alternative to this, which is the best way of disposing of sanitary waste is through incineration. Incineration is the process of burning hazardous materials at temperatures high enough to destroy contaminants. Incineration is conducted in an incinerator, which is a type of furnace designed for burning hazardous materials in a combustion chamber.

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