Migori MPs divided over supporting Ruto, Raila

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 18:23 | By
Ruto Raila
President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila at a past function. Photo/courtesy

Leaders in Migori County are divided over support for President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga even as the new political dispensation takes shape.

While some have declared to work with the Kenya Kwanza administration, others have opted to stay put in ODM and rally firmly behind Odinga's party and its ideals.

The MPs pro-Raila are led by Governor Ochillo Ayacko, Junet Mohammed (Suna East), Peter Masara,(Suna West), Tom Odege, (Nyatike) and Woman Rep Fatuma Mohammed elected on the independent party.

But two ODM MPs Paul Abuor (Rongo) and Mark Nyamita (Uriri) have resolved to work with the Ruto administration to tap its development fruits.

They have teamed up with Kuria East and West MP Marwa Kitayama and Mathias Robi who were elected on the UDA ticket to back the government and reap from it.

Kitayama was happy that they had roped in two MPs and were still pursuing more to work with the Kenya Kwanza government.

Both Abuor and Nyamita have been making forays to the State House and to the Government offices seeking development.

Although their cooperation has earned them warning letters and threats of expulsion from the party the lawmakers are undeterred.

ODM chairman John Mbadi and Secretary General Edwin Sifuna had written a show cause letter to them to explain their dalliance with the Kenya Kwanza government.

Alongside Kisumu Senator Tom Ojienda, Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo, and Bondo counterpart Gideon Ochanda, the MPs have been accused of betraying the ODM party by shifting allegiance to Ruto. But they aren't cowed.

Nyamita and Abuor defended their actions saying it was aimed at benefiting their people and that they had nothing sinister either with the ODM party or its national leadership.

"Our aim is to pursue development and projects which will impact positively on the livelihoods of the people,'' Nyamita said.

The same chorus is what is being echoed by the renegade ODM MPs.

The lawmakers claim that their intention is not to undermine the party or its leadership as is alleged in some political circles by their adversaries.

"We want to achieve the highest good for our people,'' Abuor said.

Tomorrow, Abuor will host President Ruto who is expected to visit Rongo University to preside over a graduation ceremony. The MP was yesterday at home organizing the welcoming of the President.

Nyamita was also warming up to receive the President at Gogo Falls in Uriri Constituency, to commission the hydropower project, although this was yet to be officially confirmed with him told to be on standby for a surprise.

The national government had earmarked Gogo Falls, for a major facelift to increase its hydropower generation capacity last year.

The project is to regulate the flow of River Kuja to control flooding and help manage water catchment in an estimated area of 14,300 hectares.

The Gogo power project is set to improve the current dam at the fall, which leaders have said is often under-utilized.

The new power Gogo falls currently supplies 4 megawatts to the national grid but has the capacity to produce more.

The new Power generation is estimated at 12 megawatts and firm energy of 20 gigawatts per hour could be achieved as a result of its upgrade.

The project includes improving the existing rural water supply and sanitation and the construction of a new one to benefit about 1.7 million people.

"The UDA leaders are pushing for a two-day visit, but still, it’s tight to work," Kitayama said.

Sources said the four constituencies will be handled on the same day, making the tentative President scheduled weekend tour packed to the end.

The hosts Kitayama, Robi, Nyamita, and Abuor are already busy making final preparations. They asked their people to embrace development and support President Ruto's administration.

Migori County was one of those in the limelight in the recent mass action demonstrations called by Azimioo leadership. They erected boulders on the streets and even lit bonfires in solidarity with Odinga's agenda.

The opposition is pushing for electoral reforms and wants IEBC commissioners selected by all major political parties, food and fuel subsidies reintroduced, high cost of fees and living reduced and servers opened.

With Ruto visiting the region amid the protest, eyes, and ears are open to what he will say about the concerns raised by the opposition pushing for socio-economic and political justice through mass actions.

So far Odinga has announced holding demos on Mondays and Thursdays each week amid a state warning to outlaw the demos because of violent destructions recorded. But the opposition has maintained it will go ahead.

Yesterday, a section of ODM youths in Kisumu led by Obungu Owich, held a press conference in Kondele town where they vowed to press on. Owich asked the President to sit with the opposition for a truce or dialogue.

"We will continue with the protests and this time it will be more than what you saw last week. Let the Media not be gagged or threatened to stop coverage of the demos, We say no to the oppression of the press," Owich said.

They vowed to stand with Odinga until justice is served upon the people of Kenya.

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