Millie Odhiambo lashes out at Gachagua over threats to ‘deal with Raila’

Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 18:59 | By
Millie Odhiambo lashes out at Gachagua over threats to 'deal with Raila'
Suba North Member of Parliament Millie Odhiambo. PHOTO/Courtesy

Suba North Member of Parliament Millie Odhiambo has sent a stern warning to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over his remarks on Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga.

The country's second in command had earlier on Sunday, January 22 vowed to deal firmly with opposition chief over plans to hold rallies at Kamukunji Grounds to protest of alleged electoral irregularities.

Speaking during a church service at Kerugoya Stadium in Kirinyaga county, Gachagua said he has a duty to "defend the President" and asked the Head of State to allow him to deal with Raila.

"One of my duties is to defend the president…..Mr. President please allow me to deal with that man (Raila)….I am the real Mau Mau for him," Gachagua said.

Responding to Gachagua, Odhiambo said she is ready to deal with the DP before he gets to the ODM party leader.

"Before Rigathi deals firmly with Raila Odinga, I will deal with Rogathi (Rigathi)," the fiery legilsator retorted.

Gachagua had claimed that Raila's protests are part of a wider scheme to negotiate for a handshake with Ruto, ostensibly to get a share of Kenya Kwanza government.

"We have seen from far what you(Raila) and that is what you have done all the years," Gachagua said.

"You came destroyed the Moi government in 1997….in 2007 you came with nusu mkate…. in 2013 you tried and failed….. in 2017 you instilled fear in Uhuru and he called you for handshake and destroyed government.

"I am the real Mau Mau for Raila…give us a week or so we deal with them and then comeback to work for the coffee and tea for our farmers."

When President Ruto took to the podium he also criticized the opposition over the planned rally.

President Ruto termed the event as an attempt by the opposition to blackmail the Kenya Kwanza administration into dancing to the opposition's tune.

The Head of State, however, said he won't allow the country to be held hostage by a few selfish leaders, insisting that his government is committed to delivering on its promises to the people.

"Don't be afraid. I will not allow a few people to blackmail and threaten us so that we get distracted from the promises which we're to give our people. Our focus won't be swayed to serve their interests. We are telling them no more," Ruto stated.

"You can plan demonstrations all you want but Kenya will move forward. I want to assure the citizens of our great country that this country will never again be a hostage to blackmail of a few people chasing personal selfish interests at the expense of millions of Kenya in the republic of Kenya."
Ruto said the Kenya Kwanza administration will roll out development projects including housing and agro-processing in all parts of the country irrespective of how residents voted in the last general election.

"We will unite our citizens irrespective of how they voted in the last election so that we can put to shame those who have the habit of using blackmail and threats to secure their personal family interests at the expense of millions of Kenyans," he said, adding that his administration is focused on creating employment for the youth and investing in farmers to ensure there is food security in the country.

"We told them they can never hold this country, hostage, again and we will not allow them."

Ruto said the opposition should be "satisfied with whatever they managed to get with blackmail in the past".

Raila is expected to address his supporters on the damning report released by a 'whistleblower' on the alleged manipulation of the August 9th elections results in favour of President Ruto.

The controversial report was brought to the limelight by Jubilee Party Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni on Wednesday, January 18.

During his press briefing, Kioni promised that Raila, who is currently in South Africa in his capacity as the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa, would give a comprehensive statement upon his return.

Speaking at the presser, Kioni claimed that the Azimio leader won the August 9, 2022, presidential elections with 8,170,355 votes representing 57.53% of the votes cast.

The former Ndaragwa MP claimed that the research done by Vanguard Africa, which he stated is a non-profit organization, indicates that President Ruto, who was announced by the outgoing Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Chair Wafula Chebukati, mustered 5,915,973 votes that represent 41.66% of votes cast.

Kioni further stated that the report by the organization, which he claimed partners with pro-democracy leaders across Africa, showed that presidential results in 59% of the 290 constituencies could not be verified with absolute certainty.

"We’ve seen that 59% of the constituencies cannot be verified with absolute certainty. What can be verified is, Raila Odinga won the elections with 8,170,355 votes representing 57.53% of the votes cast. Ruto got 5,915,973 votes, representing 41.66%.

"A casual peruse of the document; we have seen that at one point 144 constituencies had their results verified and often at times, those results are far from the results that were announced by IEBC," he added.

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