Modernize agricultural activities to boost production, returns – investor urges

Monday, November 2nd, 2020 15:15 | By
Dhahabu Land Limited director Peter Kamau address potential land buyers

Despite Kenya’s impressive advances across the economy, in innovation and entrepreneurship, private sector enterprise, infrastructure, public service delivery and human capabilities, there is a need to boost its agricultural activities for further development of the nation.

Dhahabu Land Limited director Peter Kamau expressed the need to modernize agricultural activities in the country for achievement of significant growth.

He said that in addition to driving the economic growth of a nation, agriculture also creates jobs for rural communities and is essential to satisfying the nutritional needs of all people.

Speaking in Ruiru during the launch of a 5,000-acreage land that is aimed at boosting agricultural productivity in the country, Kamau insisted that for Kenya to achieve its full agricultural potential, farming must be done in a different way.

The Dhahabu Agri-City at Ndacha village in Malindi, Kilifi county will see potential buyers engage in modern farming of various crops for commercial use.

The potential buyers, he said will be put on contract farming, an emerging model in Africa’s agricultural sector and which will link them to the global market, resulting in higher, stable and highly predictable returns on farming.

In this way, Kamau noted that farmers are safeguarded from middlemen who normally offer them low prices.

“We have already looked for markets in Dubai, Qatar and other middle-east countries and we hope to engage farmers in modern farming for more returns,” he said.

During the event that also saw the company launch a foundation that will see them give back to the society, some 4,000 land buyers received their title deeds for projects in various parts of the country.

Since its formation in 2016, the company has delivered 50 projects helping more than 10,000 Kenyans acquire cheap land for residential purposes.

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