Mombasa county challenged to initiate lasting projects

Friday, August 7th, 2020 00:00 | By
Kazi Mtaani
Youths under Kazi Mtaani Programme work along Saba Saba Road in Mombasa, the initiative has helped in cleaning the city. Photo/PD/Ndegwa gathungu

Mombasa County government has been challenged to initiate projects that can sustain the local economy and ensure youths are gainfully employed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The county government has been told to stop “hiding behind the Kazi Mtaani initiative to hoodwink residents.”

Changamwe MCA Bernard Ogutu was concerned that the county was over-relying on the Kazi Mtaani project by the national government to offer jobs to youths who have also been highly affected by the pandemic instead of coming up with income generating projects for the youths of Mombasa.

“It is so shameful that we had to wait for Kazi Mtaani to come to our rescue while we have a working devolved unit that can plan and implement projects,” he said.

Ogutu further asked the county to waive rent for small businesses run by youths who have been affected highly by the pandemic.

“Lack of employment during this pandemic is a double challenge for our youths, hence we are asking the county to come up with other forms of employment that will help the youths be responsible” said Ogutu.

The Ward Representative also said it is through this job opportunities youths will be able to sustain themselves and also avoid engaging in unlawful behavior.

The ward legislator spoke this during a youth forum held by the county where they were meeting with youths from Changamwe sub-county who submitted what they would love to be incorporated in the Youth policing document.

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