Monitor your children’s online activities, parents told

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023 01:00 | By
Monitor your children’s online activities, parents told
School children browsing the internet. PHOTO/Courtesy

Parents in Nakuru have been urged to monitor their children’s activities online.

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) in collaboration with Netflix, Google and Tik Tok yesterday launched a Parents’ Digital Literacy Programme (PaDiL) aimed at empowering parents with skills to guide children on the safe use of online platforms.

KFCB chair Njogu Njoroge said the programme seeks to create awareness on the importance of parents protecting their children from cyberbullying and adult content.

Speaking at Deliverance Church LCC in Nakuru, Njoroge reiterated the board’s commitment to work with parents to ensure children are protected from harmful content.

Parental duties

“Parents buy smart devices and register children online but they are not available to monitor them. That’s how predators manipulate them,” said.

KFCB acting chief executive Christopher Wambua said parents have powers to control what children can access, saying there is need to train them on relevant skills on how to monitor what their children do on the internet.

“We are equipping them with knowledge so that they can be able to undertake their parental duties properly in the digital environment,” he said.

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