Motorist dies after car crashes then bursts into flames on Langata Road

Sunday, February 16th, 2020 12:53 | By
Photos from an accident scene. Photo used for illustration purposes only. PHOTO/COURTESY

A motorist died after his Mercedez Benz crashed before bursting into flames on Langata Road in Nairobi on Sunday morning.

According to Langata Deputy OCPD John Samburumo, the vehicle veered off the road and crashed against a wall near Sunshine Secondary School.

A video of the vehicle remains being salvaged from the accident scene. Video Twitter

Witnesses said that the driver was excessively drunk and colleagues who last saw him warned him not to drive. The vehicle was also reported to be speeding.

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"The vehicle was speeding. He (driver) lost control and veered off the road then crashed against the wall at Wilson Airport," said Mr Samburumo.

The motorist died at the accident scene and the police took his body to the mortuary.

The victim has since been identified as Kelvin K Rono.

The wall which the luxury car crashed against collapsed on a stalled vehicle inside Wilson Airport premises, the police said.

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