Lari MP urges Kenyans to take public participation fora seriously

Sunday, July 23rd, 2023 15:16 | By
Lari MP Mburu Kahangara (right) when he launched the distribution of subsidised fertiliser yesterday. PHOTO/Clement Kamau
Lari MP Mburu Kahangara (right) when he launched the distribution of subsidised fertiliser yesterday. PHOTO/Clement Kamau

Lari Member of Parliament (MP) Mburu Kahangara has urged Kenyans to take public participation fora seriously in order for their inputs to be included in decision-making before projects are initiated in their localities.

He said that the constitution stipulates that no project should be done without the involvement of stakeholders so that they can contribute towards better and more inclusive decisions.

Low attendance

Kahangara decried the low attendance of locals in public participation fora, only for them to complain that they were not involved when plans to initiate given projects were made.

"People should attend these fora in order to air their opinions because every project done by either the national or county government is for their benefit," Kahangara said.

The MP spoke in his constituency during public participation fora in Kagwe, Soko Mjinga, Kimende, and Nyambari markets, which were officiated by officials from Lands, Housing, Planning, and Urban Development led by one Michael Mwenda.

During the events, Kahangara revealed that the national government has factored in millions of shillings for the construction of five mega markets and 20 others across Kiambu County.

"Money has already been allocated in the 2023–24 budget for the construction of five markets at a cost of 400 million each in Wangige, Githurai, Githunguri, Madaraka, and Wangige. Apart from these, 20 others worth between Ksh50 and Ksh150 million will be put up, and here in Lari, we shall benefit from four of them," he said.

He prevailed upon Kenyans to support the government, and more so in matters of revenue collection, in order for development to be achieved, adding that the controversial 2023–24 budget proposals are not as punitive as being claimed by the opposition and civil society groups.

Budget proposals

Mburu said that the budget proposals have more merits than demerits, noting that Kenyans will soon see that they're progressive, and accused the opposition of politicizing the budget and the high cost of living, describing the same as sabotage.

Saying that those opposed to the budget and inciting the public to hold anti-government protests are deliberately sabotaging the government, he added that Kenyans must be told the truth regarding tax payments.

"Governments the world over depend on taxes collected from their people for growth and development, and Kenya is not an exception," he said.

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