Alego-Usonga MP wants Siaya County secretary out of office

Saturday, October 1st, 2022 13:45 | By
MP wants Siaya Secretary Joseph Ogutu out of office
Alego-Usonga Member of Parliament, Samuel Atandi. PHOTO/Twitter

Alego/Usonga MP Samwel Atandi has threatened to eject County Secretary Joseph Ogutu from the office if he fails to step aside or resign in two weeks’ time.

Atandi vowed to mobilize 10,000 residents of Alego/Usonga to push him out of the office to allow the anti-graft agency to conduct a probe in regards to the missing Ksh400 million.

Addressing the press in his office on Friday, Atandi noted that the case that has painted Siaya in a bad light had been executed by the seniors and hence they must step aside to pave way for investigations.

The Mp claimed Siaya has been subjected to public ridicule following the expose of the rot at the County treasury which extended to the office of the County secretary.

“Our protest was triggered by media reports that Ksh400 million went missing two weeks to the general elections and it still pains us as part of the regime that squandered the funds were still in office,” Atandi said adding that if Ogutu insists on staying in office, he shall mobilize thousands of Siaya resident to smoke him out.

The lawmaker trashed reports from Ogutu’s defenders seeking him to oversight the National assembly and not the County assembly saying that he won’t back down since they were part of Governor James Orengo’s campaigners.

“As EACC cracks the whip on the corrupt cartels whose accounts were used to withdraw the funds from banks, let them start with the big fish (Ogutu) for we know that the fish starts rotting from the gills."

“We shall not be silenced by cartels fighting back to defend their master. Siaya has lost Ksh1 billion in a single financial year and looters must return the funds or face jail,” he said.

He said a high percentage of the Siaya staff were involved in graft, tainting the name of the institution.

“The County government of Siaya have been accused of abetting corruption and majority of staffs are involved in this vice.”

Yesterday, Ogutu lashed out at Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi over the calls by the legislator to have him sent packing.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the MP asked Siaya governor James Orengo to immediately send the county secretary on compulsory leave.

Atandi also asked Orengo to sack all the staff at the country treasury in the wake of claims that Ksh400 million was irregularly withdrawn by some officials days before the August 9 election.

"The revelations are trembling & shocking! I urge Governor @orengo_james to send County Secretary Joseph Ogutu on leave and sack all staff in the county treasury. This rot is deep," he noted.

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