MPs are responsible for Kenya’s high debt, not the President – Duale

By Collins Osanya
Thursday, June 10th, 2021 15:18 | < 1 min read
Garisa Town MP Aden Duale has blamed MPs for the high debt Kenya is currently sunk in.
Garisa Town MP Aden Duale. Photo/Pd

Garisa Town MP Aden Duale has blamed MPs for the high debt Kenya is currently sunk in.

According to Duale the architecture of the constitution gives powers to the house when it comes to the oversight.

"And I remember saying this at the floor of the National Assembly, looking at in terms of expenditure, revenue and debt perspective - the honors lies with Parliament.

"I want to tell Kenyans. The people who are failing them are MPs. Don't blame the President. Don't blame Treasury. Blame MPs, including me," Duale said on Thursday afternoon while at Parliament grounds.

According to Duale, Kenya's current debt stands at 10 trillion and if MPs pass the budget as it, they will have pushed the country's debt to the 9 trillion ceiling.

In his view the budget is over ambitious and that government should avoid loans from the China.

"Let us forget about this high expensive loans from the Chinese. China is a threat to the Kenyan economy as it is to other African economies. Let us borrow from bilateral and multilateral lenders where the grace period is long and interest rate less," Duale said.

In his view government and Treasury should restructure debt management while shifting it's focus on the pandemic by vaccinating as many Kenyans as possible.

"Let us control the economic fall out putting into consideration the Covid-19 pandemic," Duale said.

There is nothing to expect from this budget, as we speak today the debt is at 10 trillion. We must be concerned are we putting Kenya into a debt crisis,

Collins Osanya

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