Mudavadi puts strong case for unemployed, educated Kenyan youth

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 00:00 | By
ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi. Photo/PD/File

Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi has said the millions of the educated and unemployed youths in the country need incentives and not promises of stipends and handouts.

Mudavadi said the youth should be provided with practical ways of solving the challenges they are faced with and not empty promises and economic models.

“If we approach things the traditional way and look for quick fixes, it will not work. This is a generation that will want to see they have something in their pockets.

These guys will be looking at people who will create jobs and be able to give them sufficient disposable income.

We need to prepare ourselves for that if we want to change things and enhance stability in our country,” he said in an exclusive interview in his office.

For the youth who are self-employed especially in small and middle enterprises, Mudavadi said his government will offer incentives that can help them get back to their feet.

“Subsidies that will include loans that will either be zero-rated or at low interest rates will come in handy.

My government will look for ways of enhancing this process by rationalising government spending on projects.

We will evaluate every current project on its viability. Those that are not a priority will have to wait,” he said.

Youth infusion

At the same time, Mudavadi said his administration will have an infusion of the youth and the more experienced older generation to help him drive forward his economic agenda, adding that time for the youth to be part of leadership is now.

He said his administration will recognise the youth numbers in the country and make them part of his administration.

“Leadership is God-given and needs wisdom. It is not about the age. Even the young people are able to lead.

They should be given a chance to be part of the country’s development,” he said.

Speaking in an interview in his office, Mudavadi said his administration will enact youth-friendly policies that will ensure the youth get easy access to financial services to help them in jump-starting enterprises. 

“Scaling up internships, mentorship and apprenticeship programmes will also be core to ensure that more opportunities are created for the youth.

This will help the country narrow down on the youth unemployment gaps,” he said adding, “I know the youth are an important segment in the political process of our country and I recognise their importance in national building.”

The ANC leader called on the youth to turn up in large numbers and register as voters in the on-going mass voter registration noting that it is the only way they can fully be part of national building and having in office leaders they deserve.

“I urge the young men and women who have come of age to take up the ID numbers and register as voters.

We want a working economy for our young people, not hustling youth,” he said.

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