Mudavadi w*rns voters not to settle for ‘irritable’ leaders

Monday, September 6th, 2021 00:00 | By
ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi (right) is welcomed to St Cecilia Catholic Church in Nyandarua county by Bishop Joseph Mbatia of the Catholic Diocese of Nyahururu, yesterday. Photo/PD/DAVID MACHARIA

Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi has cautioned Kenyans against electing persons he describes as ‘angry and easily irritable’ as their next president in 2022.

In what appeared to be an attack on Deputy President William Ruto, Mudavadi charged that an angry president would  likely administer anger and hurt people.

“We should be careful not to put angry leaders into positions of power. An angry leader will not spearhead the country in the right direction.

When you are angry you are likely to govern in anger and when you do so you are likely to hurt the people,” said Mudavadi.

While presiding over a funds drive at St Cecilia Catholic Church Mirangine in Dondori, Nyandarua county where he helped raise Sh24million on Saturday, Mudavadi assured that if elected president  his administration would ensure a peaceful country and a working economy that guarantees wealth for all.

“We need a peaceful transition from President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government to the Musalia Mudavadi administration.

I can only achieve this with the support of the people of the mountain and Kenyans at large.

I promise Kenyans that my agenda is for a tranquil country and a working economy that will guarantee wealth for all,” he said.

Mudavadi stated: “We are heading into a transition period when we go to the polls in August next year.

I have come to talk to you as my friends so that we can continuously identify challenges of the people of Mt Kenya region and collectively begin thinking of practical solutions that we will employ.”

The former Vice-President said the economy is no longer sustainable as families continue sinking deeper into poverty with the country’s creditworthiness shrinking and the Gross Domestic Product sliding further.

 “For us to have a broad economy, my government will lower taxes. We will have to bring into the fold new taxpayers.

More young people who will be getting jobs will be brought into the tax bracket and in the process have a threshold that will lower taxes,” he said. 

Political career

The former Deputy Prime Minister  reached out to residents of Nyandarua and Mt Kenya region asking them to support his campaign message of building the economy that works for all and not subjecting Kenyans to a culture of handouts.

Mudavadi said his experience in government in early years of his political career and what he managed to achieve, puts him as the right leader to succeed President Uhuru in 2022. 

 “Whatever we do we must ensure peace comes first. Having worked with many leaders from Mt Kenya region previously, I am determined to work with them again to ensure their dreams are realised he,” said.

Mudavadi cautioned Kenyans against falling into the trap of leaders who are misleading voters that in next year’s elections, ‘Huduma Namba’ cards will be used during the voting process.

He called on the electoral agency  to ensure adequate civic education to empower voters ahead of the polls. 

Mudavadi, who was hosted by Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia, was visiting the county for the second time in less than two months. 

“Mudavadi is our friend. He is one of the sober leaders who stood by our people and Kenyans at larger during the 2007/08 post election chaos and helped calm the country.

He is welcome to sell his agenda in our region and for me I will support him,” said Kimemia.

State House Comptroller Kinuthia Mbugua said there are leaders who only want Kenyans to keep seeing each other as enemies, adding that such leaders would not be a good choice for the country.

“There are people, whose goal is only to get to State House next year. They are self centred and architects who will eventually derail the development of this country,” said Mbugua.

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