Governor Mung’aro directs his Cabinet to leave office, serve from grassroots

Friday, March 17th, 2023 22:23 | By
Governor Mung'aro to his Cabinet: Leave office luxury, serve from grassroots
Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung'aro at a past function. PHOTO/Courtesy

Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung'aro has directed all County Executive Committee Members (CECM) and their chief officers to move out of the comfort of their offices and start serving the residents from the grassroots beginning next week.

Announcing the two-week-long program dubbed "County Mashinani" Governor Mung'aro said that the officers will camp in various towns and villages to monitor the progress of county projects, document their progress and also have a one-on-one services delivery engagement with the communities across the region.

"From next week, no county CECM and their Chief Officers will remain in office. They will vacate the comfort of their offices and camp in different regions to serve the community be it in health, roads, water and environment, education and all other departments," he said.

The county boss announced the new program after announcing new appointments in the executive office.

"We have no room for our officers to stay in offices and listen to a few people who manage to access them in their offices. For two weeks they will not be found in the offices but rather on the ground offering their services to the people," the governor said.

"We believe that it will be easier for them to identify themselves and how the projects will benefit the communities. After the two weeks, we shall come back for an evaluation, an exercise which we believe shall enable us to identify the gaps that have been between the county and the community."

The governor declared that the era when government officers would sit in their offices was long gone adding that their continued service delivery to the people in offices was a recipe for corruption and other unethical conduct.

"On Tuesday, we shall flag off all the CECMs and their officers and will take the county to the grounds," revealed.

Governor Mung'aro also said that he will make more appointments soon but said that he will reveal a breakthrough in his corruption fight next week.

"We shall give more comprehensive information on the issue of corruption that has affected the county and some of the revelations we shall give you will equally shock you," he said.

In his new appointments, the governor appointed firebrand Kilifi youth Fikirini Jacobs to his administration as the director in the Governor's Delivery Unit.

The governor has also appointed career teacher and former Principal Raphael Diwani as the director of administration at the Governor's office.

Others appointed to the executive office are Rev Tom Dawa as the Principal Officer in charge of Monitoring and Evaluation. He has also appointed a long-service police officer Karisa Mwaringa as the director in charge of Enforcement, while Berita Andeyo Choka has been appointed as the Chief of Staff and Effie Kabibi as director of Liason at the office of the Governor.

With the county secretary's term coming to an end this month, the Governor has appointed a panel to help recruit a new county secretary.

The five-member panel will be chaired by lawyer Tukero Ole Kina.

Other members of the panel are Humphrey Safari representing Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), Ningala Kalachu representing the Private sector, Lucky Mnyazi (Advocate) and Leornad Kalama Jefwa.

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