Murang’a launches wards at Maragua, Kandara hospitals

Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 04:25 | By
Murang'a Governor Irungu Kang’ata. PHOTO/Print
Murang'a Governor Irungu Kang’ata. PHOTO/Print

Murang’a county government has launched new general wards at the Maragua and Kandara Level-4 hospitals.

The new wards with a total capacity of 50 beds will ease congestion of admitted patients and also relieve area residents the burden of seeking treatment from far off health facilities.

Launching the new wards Sunday, the county Governor Irungu Kang’ata said the 20-bed capacity ward at Bildad Kagia hospital in Kandara is a major breakthrough, noting that previously patients in need of in-patient services were forced to go all the way to Murang’a Level-5 hospital or facilities in neighbouring Kiambu County.

He explained with the new wards, Bildad Kagia Hospital will be of great relief to more than 300,000 people residing in Kandara sub county.

Kang’ata further noted the 30-bed ward in Maragua hospital will ease congestion that was being witnessed in the facility that serves several sub counties.

“The construction of new wards signifies continued efforts by the county government to improve the quality of medical services offered in all health facilities in the county,” stated the governor.

He underscored the importance of the new wards saying they will improve medical services for the residents who can now be admitted for further treatment, instead of being referred to other health facilities located far away.

Kang’ata promised to allocate more funds to improve conditions of Maragua Hospital, saying some of its infrastructure needs renovations.

“We are aware of the condition of Maragua hospital and more funds will be allocated to improve some the infrastructure. The facility serves a big number of patients, thus the need for urgent renovations and new facilities like expansion of theater and maternity wards,” he added. The governor also launched distribution of computers and beddings to all medical facilities in the county to enhance service delivery and monitoring dispensing of drugs.

Currently Murang’a level 5 hospital has digitized operations in the facility with computerization of records of all patients being served in the hospital.

Kang’ata further enumerated construction and renovation works being done in other health facilities saying by closure of the current financial year, some hospitals will get new infrastructure ranging from general wards, causalities, maternity wards and theaters.

The medic in charge of Bildad Kagia hospital Lina Gakera said the facility services close to 4, 000 out- patients per month.

She added they also handle more than 120 cases of maternity on monthly basis saying the new wards will be of great relief since they used to refer patients who needed admission to Murang’a Level 5 hospital or health facilities in Thika.

Lauding the project, area residents appealed to the county administration to ensure availability of drugs in the hospital saying most times they are forced to buy described drugs from private chemists.
Act 2011 (revised in 2019).

He further argued that the township should be managed by the County for a progressive review of development needs while recognizing the existence of private entities.

Lenku said that in line with the County government laws, Physical and Use Planning Act and the Urban Areas and Cities Act the County will undertake site pickings to determine existing developments on site, collect/register property owners and compel production of revised building plans.

On ownership, Lenku told the committee that Jamii Bora Makao initiated the project and that in subsequent years, there have been several transitions of ownership and management including Kisaju Viewpark Limited and later Jamii Bora Trust.

“This transitioning has made it difficult to follow up on matters related to statutory payments and follow up on compliance issues. The land occupied has two titles: Kajiado Kisaju 58 and Kajiado 2995 registered under Jamii Bora Makao,” said Lenku.
According to Lenku, Jamii Bora submitted a request in 2004 and made a payment of Sh2.9 million for sub-division and a further Sh1.95 million for building plan approvals.

“We do not have any records of the scheme plan submitted for approval since physical planning had not been devolved by then.”

Kajiado County now wants the Senate to compel Jamii Bora to allow the County to undertake site picking of the existing development, evaluate the number of units developed on-site and submit a subdivision scheme plan for the site.

“We have mutation plans for parcel No 2995 and a registry index map for parcel no Kajiado/Kisaju 58 that holds two properties for Jamii Bora. The County requests the Senate to compel Jamii Bora to submit the revised scheme plan and statutory payments which they have not done to date,” said Lenku.

Senators who took issue with the developer saying that the county government should give a waiver on the developer so that buyers of the units can be protected.

“The waiver should benefit all the petitioners. The proprietors are fraudsters. The County should transfer benefit to the petitioners,” said Nominated Peris Tobiko who is also the committee vice chairperson.
Meanwhile, Senate Roads, Transportation and Housing Committee has warned Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja of failing to honour summons in a record seventh time.

Senators were disappointed by the Governor’s no-show and instead, the Acting County Secretary Patrick Analo, wrote an apology letter informing the senators that the governor was in South Africa attending a water summit at Cape Town.

However, Thang’wa relaxed the penalties until December 7, 2023, when Sakaja will be required to appear after depositing Shs500,000 fines to the office of the clerk of the Senate

“We shall consult the Speaker, and discuss with the House the conduct of Governor Sakaja and make resolutions on December 7, after the expiry of the 6th day when he is supposed to deposit Sh500,000.
“Our resolutions will form the basis of applicable penalties that can compel him to respect the Senate and the people of Nairobi who voted for him,” Karungo ordered.

Thangw’a further advised the people of Nairobi to discuss the conduct of their governor in streets, hotels, corridors, homes and everywhere to shame his behaviour.

“Senate can invoke several actions including ordering Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome to make sure he is arrested and brought before the Senate Committee,” warned Thang’wa.

The committee states that Senators can order the stoppage of any further construction within the county until the boss appears before the Senate.

Kitui Senator registered his displeasure by the way governor Sakaja is taking Senate Committees stating the latter is aware of the consequences but seems to be testing the depth of the waters

“When Senator Governor Sakaja left this Senate was a good leader. He believes fully that the senators have powers but is living in denial. Dishonouring committee invites and summons is testing what will happen eventually,” said Wambua.

“I request the Chair to find him extremely contemptuous for the Senate and the Republic of Kenya for not honouring Senate and apply the harsh laws that will compel him to respect the representatives of the people.”

Tobiko advised the chair to undertake whatever penalty the law allows so that he can respect the committee summons.


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