‘You are popular abroad with muzungus but at home, people are hostile’ – Mutahi Ngunyi warns Ruto

Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 10:32 | By
'You are popular abroad with muzungus but at home, people are hostile' - Mutahi Ngunyi warns Ruto

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has called on President William Ruto to be more considerate towards Kenyans.

In a statement shared via his official X account, Ngunyi claimed that the President was fostering relations with the West while ignoring his own people's grievances.

"Dear Ruto: take time to listen to Kenyans. The ground is hostile. And dishing out development at Uhuru Park will not help you. You are talking to yourself. Period. You are popular abroad with muzungus. But at home, we are hostile. Take time to listen. Truth report," he wrote.

Ngunyi's remarks come amidst complaints from a section of Kenyans over the unbearable cost of living which has become a nightmare in homes.

This follows the recently adjusted fuel prices which saw the price of the special commodity hit the Ksh200 mark after a litre of petrol, diesel and kerosene hit Ksh211.64, 200.99, and 202.61 respectively.

The government came under sharp criticism from local leaders and Kenyans at large who called on opposition leader Raila Odinga to intervene.

Recently Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua came out to defend the government from the complaints aired by Kenyans.

While addressing his Mt Kenya home turf pleaded with residents not to fault the government since the circumstances were due to external factors beyond their control.

"Please, my people from Mt Kenya, this government belongs to all of us. If others will throw stones at us, do not be the first. That is the truth," Gachagua stated.

"The darkest hour is just before dawn. Let us continue praying for our president so that he can bring back the economy to the point where former president Mwai Kibaki left it," he added.

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