Muthama, Belgut MP arrested in Msambweni

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020 14:49 | By
Muthama and Koech arrested

Njange Maina and Munira Mandano

Former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama and Belgut Member of Parliament(MP) Nelson Koech have been arrested by police officers at different poling stations within Msambweni where there is an ongoing by election exercise.

Muthama was arrested at Jomo Kenyatta polling station and MP Koech at Magutu polling station, both in Msambweni.

Muthama was accompanied by former Senator Boni Khalwale and independent candidate Feisal Bader who were visiting different polling stations to assess the voting exercise.

Speaking to Journalists, Khalwale said that the police entered the Jomo Kenyatta polling station and closed the gate where they rushed to remove him and Muthama from their vehicles.

"They even interfered with the voting exercise because they closed the gate and came and started arresting me but I resisted the arrest and asked them what I did to them for me to arrest me," Khalwale said.

He noted that the officers left him and rushed to where Muthama was and arrested him.

Voters who were outside the gate started singing and chanting "yote yawezekana bila Joho" but later, the voting exercise continued after Muthama was taken away from the station .

However, MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto in the area have cried foul over police intimidation taking place during the voting exercise.

Led by Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi, they said that the police officers have been harassing MPs at different polling station.

"Why are we being harassed yet we are also agents in the polling stations. It is not fair. This is intimidation of the highest order," Sudi said.

Lungalunga MP Khatib Mwashetani said a police vehicle always follows them whenever Aisha Jumwa and him are driving wondering why it should be the case.

"We have the police officers escorting us everywhere we go. This is intimidation," he said.

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali also said that police officers have taken over the whole voting exercise more than the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

"I wonder why police behave like they are IEBC in the voting queues they are even talking to voters. What are they telling them," Ali said.

The MPs however claimed that they are aware Interior and Coordination Principal Secretary(PS) Karanja Kibicho is around in Diani and is the one playing all the intimidation games.

"We know Kibicho is here and is responsible for all this intimidation game but Feisal will win this election," he said.

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