Muturi lauds court’s decision to overturn degree rule for Ward Reps

Thursday, October 28th, 2021 00:00 | By
National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi officially opens a mini chamber in Bomet, yesterday. Photo/PD/Felix Yegon

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi yesterday welcomed the court’s decision to overturn the provision requiring aspirants vying for Ward Reps to be degree holders. 

Noting that such a requirement would have locked out many aspiring leaders, Muturi said such decisions should be left to the discretion of voters to choose leaders of their choice.

He said county Assemblies, just like the National Assembly, employ professional staff, who assist members on technical issues and thus the degree requirement should never be an issue.

 “Our parliamentary budget office, for instance, has financial analysts and economists to advise on budget and advocates that advise on legal the spirit of participatory democracy, this should be decision of the electorate,” he stated.

Muturi (pictured) made the remarks at the Bomet County Assembly yesterday during the opening of a new mini chamber named after late Governor Joyce Laboso.

Early this month, Justice Anthony Mrima ruled that the provision contained in Section 22 (1) of the Elections Act requiring contestants for elective seats to have  university degree was irrational and had been developed without proper public participation.

Population data

He stated that drafters of the law did not take into account the 2019 population census data on the number of people with university degrees. 

Decision followed a petition filed by a lobby group, Sheria Mtaani and backed by a section of Members of the County Assembly, who were apprehensive the impugned law would lock them out of the 2022 General Election.

Muturi also underscored the need for a rapport between the National Assembly and county Assemblies to ensure the success of devolution.

Speaker also used the opportunity to challenge the Ward Reps to live up to the expectations of the citizenry by ensuring legislations passed are fully implemented.

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