Nairobi, Mombasa, Vihiga most densely populated

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Nairobi, Mombasa and Vihiga are the most densely populated counties in Kenya.

According to the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census, the capital city has a population density of 6,247 persons per square kilometre.

The population density of Nairobi is hundred times higher than the  national average which is 82 persons per square kilometre.

Nairobi registered a total of 4,397,073 people in an area of 703.9 square kilometre.

In the last population census conducted 2009, Nairobi had a population of 3,138,369 people.

The population has increased by 1,258,704 persons in the 2019 population census.

According to United Nations Habitat, Nairobi has the highest growth rates per annum compared to the other growth rates in Africa. 

UN Habitat points that 75 per cent of the urban population growth is absorbed by informal settlements. 

Least dense

Mombasa follows with a population density of 5,495 persons per square kilometre. The county recorded a population of 1,208,333 people in a land area of 219.9 square kilometres.

 Vihiga county ranked third with a population density of 1,047 persons per square kilometre.

Vihiga registered a total population of 590,013 people in land area of 563.8 square kilometres.

The sparsely populated counties are Marsabit, Tana River, Isiolo, Turkana and Samburu though they ranked top in the average households size.

Marsabit, with a population of 459,785 people in a land area of 70,944.1 square kilometre, the county recorded six persons per square kilometre.

Tana River followed with a population of 315,943 people under land area 37,950.5 square kilometres, the county recorded eight persons per square kilometre.

Isiolo came third with 11 persons per square kilomtre with a population of 268,002 people in a land area of 25,350.6 square kilometres.

Apart from Nairobi and Mombasa cities which ranked top, Nakuru and Kisumu had an average population density.

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