Nandi deputy governor decries rising cases of gender-based violence in county

Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 13:29 | By
Nandi Deputy Governor Dr Yulita Cheruiyot. PHOTO/Isaac Cheruiyot

Nandi Deputy Governor Yulita Cheruiyot has raised concerns over the rising cases of sexual gender-based violence (SGBV) in Tinderet and Nandi Hills Sub-counties in Nandi County.

The DG raised the alarm as Chief Justice Martha Koome led SGBV conference in Nairobi on the fight against gender-based violence in the country.

"As we celebrate these 16 days against gender-based violence, it is so disturbing to see these cases have gone up in Tinderet sub-county as well as Nandi Hills. Women and children's rights are being violated, but why? We must say no to gender-based violence," Yulita stated.

The county leadership, Yulita said, will not relent on the fight against the vice amongst women and children. She called on the victims to report such incidents without fear for the law to take it course.

"Among the ways to achieve an SGBV-free society, is for the justice sector and agencies fighting the act to unite and work together. I urge each one of us, and all agencies represented in this event, to work towards a society free of the chains of SGBV, where the dignity of every person is recognised and every voice is heard," she affirmed.

She also noted that the justice system ought to be effective and efficient, emphasising that it is the key to bridging the gap between SGBV survivor's trauma and hope for a better future.

"We don't want a situation where victims sort these cases outside the court. No! This is another way of contributing to gender-based violence in our region. Let's report such incidences to concerned authorities for the law to be effected," she added.

The Nandi County second in command urged the courts to focus on enhancing their capacity to manage and protect evidence as cases have been dismissed before due to lack of evidence yet the abuse had taken place.

"The witnesses in such cases at times fear to testify in court because of lack of protection. Security team, the courts need to work hand in hand to see that such menace in our society is dealt with objectively," she added.

Effects of SGBV

Additionally, Yulita noted that SGBV is not only a crime but a violation of both human rights and the dignity of the vulnerable members of society.

"When a woman, a girl, a boy is offended through such cases, the dignity of such people in our society would have been violated. We need to fight such violations to the end. Even the boy child is not safe. We have heard cases of them being sodomised. This is very wrong," she lamented.

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