Nick Mwendwa steps aside as FKF president

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 07:31 | By
FKF President Nick Mwendwa PHOTO/COURTESY

Suspended Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Nick Mwendwa has stepped aside.

In a letter on Tuesday, Mwendwa handed over the duties of the federation to vice president Doris Petra.

"In light of the foregoing, specifically, the frequent arrests and detentions, which have adversely affected my family and personal business and whilst I am confident I will be cleared of any wrongdoing in the end, I have today in accordance with Article 42(8) of the FKF constitution (2017)asked my Vice President Madam Doris Petra to assume all functions of the FKF president," he wrote.

He added: "Taking into consideration that I am personally being targeted in all this, my decision, has been arrived at with the federation’s best interest at heart."

He said the case he was facing had affected his family and businesses.

Mwendwa' s move came after a court on Tuesday charged him with Ksh38 million fraud.

Mwendwa pleaded not guilty and Mlimani senior principal magistrate Eunice Nyutu granted him Sh10 million bail or bond of Sh15 million.

Mwendwa had been in police custody since Friday afternoon.

Mwendwa was initially arrested on November 12 and spent a weekend behind bars before being released on a bail of Sh4 million as investigations continued.

The magistrate ordered Mwendwa be refunded his bail payment.

“While Mwendwa was being driven by along Kiambu Road, his vehicle was intercepted by two unmarked vehicles, bundled into one of them and taken to DCI headquarters where he is being detained,” Mwendwa's lawyer wrote.

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