No Church? City pastor resorts to e-offering

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No Church? City pastor resorts to e-offering

A famous televangelist in Nairobi is said to have devised new ways to stay afloat following closure of churches in the wake of coronavirus.

The man has now instructed all his faithful to reach him out on his cell phone at least once a week for special prayers to protect them from the pandemic.

Each of the faithful has to part with Sh1,000 for the special 10-minute prayers.

MP ditches Tangatanga,blocks colleagues calls

An MP who has been known for his fervent support for the Tangatanga political wing of Jubilee has shocked colleagues after he stopped picking their calls.

The MP, who hitherto never wasted chances to blast Kieleweke supporters, seems to have had a change of heart and wants nothing to do with Tangatanga.

His colleagues are wondering what changed, but he won’t talk to them.

Well, in the spirit of tangatanga, his interest has shifted.

Two MPs fall out over party leader dispute

Two MPs from Nyanza region have reportedly fallen out after one of them tried to paint his colleague in bad light to their party leader.

The one currently serving his third term is said to have bad-mouthed his colleague for selfish political gains.

The two former friends recently almost went physical during a burial at their home county, but were separated by colleagues.

How long the rancour will last is a matter of time…

Ex-MP bitter for missing out on City Hall top job

A former MP who was so sure he would be appointed the head the Nairobi Metropolitan Services upon its establishment has now aimed his guns at a top politician whom he says shortchanged him.

The man says he had given the politician a lot of money to “fix” him at the city governing organ, only for someone else to be picked.

The former MP is so bitter that he has threatened to spill the beans on the top politician’s shady deals.

True to his word, the lawmaker has been approaching some bloggers and journalists to expose the politico.


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