No one owes me political debts, Mudavadi maintains

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 00:00 | By
ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi. Photo/PD/File

Dennis Lumiti

Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi yesterday stated that no one has his political debt. 

Speaking on Kass FM radio and TV sattions, Mudavadi said in politics there is nothing like political debts resulting from one’s previous support of another.

The ANC leader observed that people come together politically through shared ideologies and that should not be seen as a debt.

Asked about his 2007 and 2017 support to Opposition leader Raila Odinga and whether he feels the former Prime Minister should reciprocate by supporting his 2022 presidential bid, Mudavadi said he is seeking the support of all Kenyans and not from a specific person.

 “I do not believe in the idea of ‘political debts’. Raila owes me no debt, politically. I am seeking the votes of all Kenyans on the basis of my economic recovery policies,” he said.

Mudavadi, who is campaigning on the platform of reviving and growing the economy, said leaders should seek the mandate of Kenyans on the basis of what they will do for them and not selling fear to the voter.

He said every Kenyan has a right to live and do business in any part of the country without intimidation or made to feel like an ‘outsider’.

“The events of 2007/08 should not be allowed to play out again. Our clarion call should be peace and more peace in our country as we head to the elections,” he said. 

He at the same time defended himself against allegations that State House meetings with President Uhuru Kenyatta are meant to strategise on how to inherit the presidency.

He rubbished claims that the President has been calling on One Kenya Alliance principals to back one of them against Deputy President William Ruto.

The Amani leader promised to work towards lowering the cost of farm inputs so as to help reduce the cost of production and ensure farmers reap from their hardwork.

“Why should we import cheap eggs from neighbouring countries? Our farmers are spending too much in production and at the end reducing  their profit.

In an earlier interview with K24 on Monday night, Mudavadi ruled out vying as a running-mate of any of his opponents eyeing the presidency, saying he was the best suited to succeed Uhuru. 

“I am going for nothing short of the Presidency. So, I can assure Kenyans that my name will be on ballot as a presidential candidate,” he said.

He argued that he had vied as a running mate twice and that he was now focused on the ultimate prize.

Mudavadi declared that he would not “waste his time” zoning off the Western region. He said Luhyas were democratic and smart enough to make wise decisions at the ballot next year.

“It is not our culture to resist visits by our neighbours. We are hospitable by nature. That  is why our competitors visit the region often without encountering any problems,” said Mudavadi.  

“We have never tried to zone off our region and community. But we have seen our competitors doing so elsewhere.”

Mudavadi told his opponents to learn from the outcome of the Matungu and Kabuchai by-elections on March 4 this year. 

“Our opponents can make as many trips and donate as many goodies as they can in our region but the results will shock them come next year,” he added.  

He expressed confidence that Kenyans will support his State House bid even as he  urged Luhyas to enlist as voters in large numbers to boost his chances of clinching the top seat.

Mudavadi dismissed claims that he walked out of a church ceremony in Butere after politicians were denied a chance to address the congregants .

He said he had not even expected to address the gathering at Butere Girls’ High School during the installation of Rose Nereya Okeno as the new Bishop for the Anglican Church of Kenya Butere Diocese.

“Those claiming that I stormed out of the event after leaders were denied a chance to address the congregation are petty and engaging in sideshows,” said Mudavadi.

Stated he: “When I arrived I informed Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit that I would not stay long because I had another engagement in Murang’a and he gave me his blessings. In fact I stayed on until the new bishop had finished her speech.”

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