Nyandarua governor surprises residents with unfamiliar dress code du**ng World Environment Day

Saturday, June 5th, 2021 13:27 | By
Governor Francis Kimemia donning an unfamiliar uniform that aroused curiosity of people during a tree planting exercise in Ol Joroorok on Friday. (Photo by David Macharia)

Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia appeared in public wearing a uniform that is not familiar to local people. 

The people wondered what the significance of the uniform was on a day set aside to mark World Environment Day. 

Some People, who attended the function at Nyakanja water springs ground in Nyakariang’a village in Ol Joroorok, thought the Governor had joined the scout movement while others thought he had become a member of the St John’s first aiders. 

“People are wondering why I am wearing this uniform…I was to join the President in Nairobi but I decided to attend this function,” Kimemia explained himself after noticing the peoples’ curiosity.

Kimemia was referring to the launch of the national 4K Club movement in schools by President Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi. 

The Governor said he could not have gone to Nairobi while Equity Bank staff and Ol Joroorok people were planting trees to conserve the environment around the water springs that provides water to many people. 

The water source is to provide the commodity to many more people when it is provided with a solar-powered water pump and piping system.

Kimemia said the County government has set aside millions of shillings for the project.  

During the tree planting occasion, Ol Joroorok people had the opportunity to see the Governors’ new lectern which is being carried in a giant box and a County vehicle with several County staff assigned to be in charge of the glass instrument that is decorated with several images including the Governor’s. 

Recently, a Nyandarua gubernatorial aspirant in the 2017 Election, Simon Kanyingi expressed his displeasure after the County boss took the lectern to a church in Kinangop. 

“I have seen His Excellency President (Uhuru Kenyatta) and his Deputy (Willian Ruto) in churches and they have never carried their lectern to the churches. This is sacrilegious,” Kanyingi wrote on his social media platform last week.

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