Nyaribo locks out MCAs in Nyamira bursary scheme

Thursday, January 11th, 2024 05:17 | By
Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo
Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo

Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo has restructured the distribution of education bursaries to ensure only deserving cases benefit.

In the new structure, all education bursaries will be administered from the Executive office of the County Government, unlike before when the kitty would be domiciled in the offices of Members of the County Assembly (MCAs).

Until a year ago, the bursary forms would be distributed by the MCAs to needy cases but as it stands now, the documents will be accessed through the Ward and Sub-County Administrators.

In the new structure, MCAs and the governor’s office will only be charged with ensuring that the bursaries are awarded to deserving cases only.

Nyaribo said MCAs had abused the bursaries by dishing them out to their cronies at the expense of deserving cases, hence the new structure to streamline the exercise.

“Over the years since the inception of the program, some unscrupulous Ward Reps decided to use the kitty to benefit themselves in a manner that led to deprivation of the most needy cases,” Nyaribo said.

He noted that the new model will eliminate duplication of funding with the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF) to beneficiaries. Those who will be exempted from the new model are learners who will be enrolled in the Governor’s Special Scholarship Program that sponsors extremely needy cases.

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