‘Obado suspected Sharon of having affair with son’

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Sharon's mother. PHOTO/Print
Sharon's mother. PHOTO/Print

Former Migori Governor Okoth Obado suspected that his girlfriend, the late Rongo University student Sharon Otieno was having an affair with his son, a Nairobi court heard yesterday.

A former Homa Bay county Ward Rep Lawrence Mula, who was concluding his testimony in the case where Obado, his then personal assistant Michael Oyamo and former Migori County Clerk Casper Obiero are charged with Sharon’s murder revealed that the former governor suspected that the deceased was having a secret affair with his son, Dan behind his back.

The court heard that the governor believed that it was a taboo in Luo customs for a son and father to share a lady.

However, Sharon denied the allegations, Mula told High Court judge Cecilia Githua.

“Sharon denied ever having a relationship with Obado’s son Dan. She said that was the last thing she could do … I did not know how Sharon and Dan knew each other but she had claimed that they were Facebook friends,” Mula told the court.

He told the court that Sharon sent photos to Obado’s son, saying she was pregnant for his father and Dan was not amused by it, with the governor wondering why Sharon was behaving like that.

And testifying before the same court, Sharon’s mother, Melida Auma, revealed how her daugh-ter had several relationships and got three children from two men.

Auma told the court that the former governor had stopped picking Sharon’s call which made her get depressed. “She never completed her college studies…she had a friend called Bernard Okutta ….they were in a relation-ship and had two children.. She stayed with Bernard be-fore joining college and that’s when we decided we can-not have our girl be a housewife and decided to take her back to school ..She later had another child with another man called Henry,” Auma narrated to the court.

She told Justice Githua that she knew Sharon was pregnant with her fourth baby In February 2018, when Sharon used her phone.

“That is when I agreed to take Sharon and her children so that we live together,” Justice Githua heard.
Auma told the court she sought to know who the father was since Sharon looked depressed.

“She looked depressed…and she told me that the pregnancy belonged to Governor Okoth Obado, her cause of depression was that the Governor was not picking her calls and that is when she decided to use my phone,” she told the court.

According to the mother, Sharon, who was a jovial girl, was stressed due to the lack of communication and she almost had a miscarriage.

“I however took her to the hospital and the pregnancy was saved…My take as a mother I told her that I don’t like relationships with politicians,” she told the court.

The mother revealed that the former Governor stopped communicating with Sharon directly after he realized that the latter was recording their conversation.

She also revealed that the governor was not at ease with the pregnancy and wanted Sharon to abort it and she was given Sh30,000 by Oyamo to do so.

“I do not approve that she undergoes abortion, they later reached an agreement that he would take care of her,” she told the court.

She told the court that before Sharon met her death she had called her father, saying she was going to Nairobi, she, however, came back and told her mother that she met Oyamo and not Obado.
“There was a day she was in my business place and Oyamo wanted to meet her in Homa Bay but she decided not to meet Oyamo that day… Oyamo kept on changing the meeting locations,” she told the court

The hearing continues.

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