Oparanya loses cool, rebukes staff in public, supervises demolitions

Friday, January 3rd, 2020 18:21 | By
Council of Governors chair Wycliffe Oparanya. Photo/PD/FILE

By Douglas Dindi

Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has said that he has lost confidence in his staff members and will not delegate any duties to them.

In his remarks, Oparanya said that none of his officers were trusted even as he personally supervised the demolition of kiosks in Kakamega Town.

County ministers, chief officers, the administrators and the town manager who accompanied Oparanya during the operation trembled as the governor rebuked them publicly.

"Even those who are standing right behind me are not worth of my trust. I have decided to handle everything personality" a visibly angry Oparanya thundered as he addressed a crowd at Sufi Road.

Three contractors working on World Bank-funded infrastructure projects in the town were not spared the governor's wrath as he criticised the works and directed that it be redone.

At Masinde Muliro Gardens, the governor summarily ordered the closure of an eatery claiming the food served was unhealthy even though the public health had no issues with the facility.

Oparanya explained that he was prompted to order the demolition of the kiosks because they are owned by some of his staff who had rented them out to third parties to do business.

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