Peris Tobiko responds after his ‘frustrated’ husband protested against hosting DP Ruto at their Kajiado home

Friday, October 8th, 2021 17:08 | By
Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko. Photo//COURTESY

Kajiado East Member of Parliament Peris Tobiko has said she is not a coward to be steeped on by her political competitors who think she is ‘Jonny come lately’ in the political scene.

According to Tobiko the feud that occurred today and the current misfortunes has been orchestrated by her political competitors but will not cowed by their sentiments.

Tobiko asked the 102,000 voters to register and be part of the UDA party ahead of the upcoming 2022 general elections, while at the same time urging the electorate she comes with good intentions.

“I have come to add value, but I come with good intentions even to my political competitors, and all I ask for is equality and justice in the party nominations,” Tobiko said.

Tobiko at the same time asked current Governor Joseph Ole Lenku to pack his bags and go home, urging the residents, she is the right person to propel the UDA party flag.

Tobiko has been an active supporter of Jubilee and the handshake until a fortnight ago, where she announced that she would be hosting the DP at her home.

She is currently an aspirant for the Kajiado gubernatorial seat.

However, DP Ruto would be met with opposition when her husband came out gun's blazing over the political rally.

Tobiko’s husband Kishanto Ole Suuji sort security apparatus’ intervention to stop the political rally on the basis of trespass to his matrimonial home.

Among those in attendance, was The Deputy President who was being hosted by Kajiado East Member of Parliament, Tobiko at her matrimonial home.

The DPs presence together with his large number of followers caused a feud in the family after Tobiko’s husband, Kishanto Ole Suuji, demanded the meeting to be halted.

Suuji would go on to instruct the security guards to stop the meeting since he as the homeowner did not give the UDA bandwagon a go ahead.

However, the security officials said the meeting had been permitted, and it was too late to disrupt the meeting as it would cause more tension.

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