Police officer in Nanyuki falls through window while asleep

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 17:52 | By
Police at the scene where a police officer fell through the window while asleep.

A police officer attached to Nanyuki Police Station rolled from his bed and fell through the window of his house while dreaming, sustaining deep injuries on his limbs.

Police say the window had no grills.

It is alleged Harrison Karagu jumped out of the window at 10pm Monday following a bad dream.

Karagu plunged three meters from the window stool.

The cop’s neighbours took him to hospital after the incident.

The matter was reported to Nanyuki Police Station in Laikipia East Sub-County under the OB No. 3/5/11/19.

Shattered glass panes that cut the officer's flesh after he fell from his bed.

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