Why political party meeting ended in disarray

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2021 13:42 | < 1 min read
Parliament buildings.

Political party meeting ends in disarray

A political party meeting in Nairobi ended in disarray and shouting after those in attendance accused the head office of running a poor show.

The party branch officials accused the head office including certain individuals for using personal documents belonging to some of the party leaders.

It is said, an employee of the party allegedly used a personal document of one of the party leaders to ‘photo shop’ a campaign document for a senior position, only for the owner to deny it.

Officials called it high fraud as the investigations got underway.

Gang for hire catches up with slippery lawyer

A leading lawyer in Nairobi was yesterday struggling with integrity and ethical issues after a former client sent auctioneers to his secluded home.

The attorney, famous for many things including representing people in high profile cases, seems to have run short of ideas when the rowdy gang of auctioneers tracked him to a restaurant in the city centre.

He got wind of the of the impending invasion at the Milimani courts before fleeing with the chasing crowd in hot pursuit.

Officers turn roadblock into tax collection station

Residents of a region in Kiambu county have accused police officers manning a roadblock of turning it into an illegal tax collection station.

They accuse the officers of impunity, disrespect and lack of professionalism.

Residents claim the senior police manning a nearby station of being arrogant and not doing anything even as traffic officers collect bribes from motorists, who have all but lost hope of the only support they could get from the authorities.

The officers, are said to display unparalleled impunity when on official duty, but it is only centered around PSVs who offer quick buck for cheap freedom.


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