President Museveni’s son announces retirement from military

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022 16:10 | By
A photo collage of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and his son Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. PHOTO/COURTESY

The eldest son of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, Lieutenant General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has on Tuesday announced his retirement from the Ugandan military.

Lt Gen Kainerugaba, who was serving as the Commander of Land Forces, took to his social media page to announce his retirement from the military after 28 years of service.

While announcing his retirement, Kainerugaba expressed his joy for having worked in the military. He said that during his time in the forces, he and his colleagues made the Ugandan forces become one of the greatest military in the world.

"After 28 years of service in my glorious military, the greatest military in the world, I am happy to announce my retirement. I and my soldiers have achieved so much! I have only love and respect for all those great men and women that achieve greatness for Uganda every day," Lt Gen Kainerugaba said.

Before his retirement, the president's son superintended over all division and independent units of the military structure in Uganda. He also ran the army outside the elite SFC unit.

Lt Gen Kainerugaba's retirement comes days after he expressed his support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In a tweet he said: "The majority of mankind (that are non-white) support Russia's stand in Ukraine."

"Putin is absolutely right!" he added.

"When the USSR parked nuclear-armed missiles in Cuba in 1962, the West was ready to blow up the world over it. Now when Nato does the same they expect Russia to do differently."

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