President urges adoption of poverty reduction policies

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Ruto seeks debt reliefs as tough economy bites
President William Ruto at a past event. PHOTO/(@WilliamRuto)Twitter

President William Ruto took the gospel of bottom-up economics and hustlers’ agenda to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) as he made his debut at the annual congregation bringing together global Heads of State and Government.

While addressing the 77th session of Assembly in New York on Wednesday, the President asked fellow leaders to consider reconfiguring their economic policies to benefit the poor and those struggling to meet their daily needs.

Ruto said billions of hustlers were still suffering the effects of Covid-19 pandemic and deserved better attention than before.

Head of State rode to power on the promise to implement the bottom-up economics, accusing previous administrations of marginalising millions of Kenyans in the lower cadres of the economy.

During the electioneering period, he branded himself the chief hustler owing to his poor upbringing in Uasin Gishu.

While defending the model before hundreds of dignitaries attending UNGA, he said those at the bottom were battling daily challenges that needed to be addressed for global economies to develop.

Daily battle

“Building back better from the bottom upwards is, essentially, about including the marginalised working majority in the economic mainstream,” he said.

“The bottom billion relentlessly wage their daily battle for survival in a crowded arena characterized by scarcity of opportunity and generally precarious existence.”

President Ruto, who rose from poverty to become an MP, Cabinet minister and Deputy President before winning the presidency this year, has amassed massive wealth and is among the richest leaders in the country.

Despite his present status, he has promised that his administration will be hustler-focused, saying major policies would be to improve the lives of millions wallowing in poverty.

“Invisible to policymakers and beyond the reach of many public services, these hustlers take nothing for granted, surviving overwhelming odds, and frequently succeeding greatly,” he said.

President appeared to have been echoing earlier sentiments by US President Joe Biden who, said his administration was anchored on ensuring the success of the bottom-up policies.

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