‘Don’t operate bars, alcohol joints near schools’ – Kisii priest urges businesspersons

Sunday, October 2nd, 2022 14:02 | By
Vihiga drinking
A representational photo of an alcoholic drink sold in a bar. PHOTO/Pexels

A Catholic priest in the Kisii diocese has launched a campaign to ensure bars are not set up near learning institutions citing unwarranted disruptions.

Father Lawrence Nyaanga said several bars and kiosks selling alcohol near learning institutions tempt learners to drink which derails their education.

He appealed to the county government to license operators to do business far from the institutions to allow learners ample time to learn and revoke licences of those who sell alcohol near schools.

“Some students waste time drinking and it affects their education. I appeal to the county and the national governments to ensure alcohol is not sold near the institutions,” Nyaanga pleaded.

The cleric who is Kisii University Chaplain noted that the mushrooming trend of chang’aa outlets near learning institutions was worrying and implored stakeholders’ to reverse it urging students to focus.

“I challenge learners to take advantage of the support they are getting from their parents and the government and focus on their education to shape their future,” Father Nyaanga noted.

He further advised learners to shun peers who influenced them to embrace drinking and drug abuse, stressing that once addicted, it would be expensive to reverse.

He appealed to chiefs and security officers to intensify a crackdown on the illicit brew, arrest brewers and destroy their equipment to deter others, stressing the brew had ruined families.

“It is unfortunate children whose parents brew the illicit brew do not take lunch since patrons are given priority and it affects their education” Nyaanga noted.

The priest urged the government to review the penal code so courts can impose heavy fines on people who brew illicit liqour.

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