Azimio demos: Protesters block roads, light bonfire in Migori

Monday, March 27th, 2023 13:58 | By
Opposition leader issues yet another ultimatum to start stalled party talks
The demonstration in Migori county. PHOTO/Kepher Otieno

Roads were once again blocked as thousands of opposition supporters in Migori County poured onto the streets to demonstrate against the government.

In Rongo, Awendo, Uriri, and Migori towns businesses were hurriedly closed as the demonstrators barricaded the roads.

They lit bonfires on the roads chanting Baba! Baba! In solidarity with Azimio leaders Raila Odinga, Martha Kalonzo Musyoka, and others who are leading protests against the Kenya Kwanza government.

But police officers in Awendo town and Uriri kept off from confrontations with the picketers.

Although the inspector general of police Japheth Koome had termed the demonstrations outlawed, police in Awendo, Uriri towns kept off the streets.

Sources said that police did not want direct confrontation with the public who were largely peaceful but noisy.

The demonstrators, led by Awendo town central MCA Esther Migosi and North Sakwa MCA John Mikwaya, walked and ran from one corner of the road to the other making sure that there was no traffic flow in the busy/Migori/Isebania highway and businesses opened on the local trading centres as usual.

No ugly incident was reported nor was there anyone arrested either on the grounds of picketing and/or assembling in the area.

Article 37 of the constitution allows for picketing as long as it's peaceful and non-violent.

Migori County leaders kept off the streets with only a few MCAs reported walking with the protestors.

Police manning banks however had a hectic time in Awendo town.

The officers attached to Equity and National Bank had to call for reinforcement in fear of possible break-in. The two banks are on the main Isebania/Migori highway.

No illegal actions were reported, though they milled around the financial institutions shouting 'njaa! Njaa!' as the crowds yelled in ululations and whistling.

For over six hours, businesses and schools surrounding the towns of Awendo, Rongo, uriri and Migori towns remained closed.

In Rongo town, police nabbed South Kamaganbo MCA Collins and a brother to MCA Central Kamaganbo, Nick Oguta.

Two days ago, President William Ruto visited Migori County where he pleaded with the residents to avoid protests.

He told them to kindly accept to work with the government asking Odinga in specific to call off the strike and back his government.

Ruto lamented that in 2007 he stood with Odinga and that there was nothing wrong with the latter reciprocating the good gesture in 2027 by abandoning his political quest in his favour.

However, Odinga maintained a hardline stand, declaring no turning back until socio-economic and political justice is served upon the people of Kenya.

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