Public cautioned on fraudsters registering sim cards

Saturday, January 11th, 2020 12:28 | By
Sim cards
Sim cards. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Bondo, Friday

Members of the public have been asked to be wary of fraudsters who have devised a technique to borrow online-loans through SIM cards registered using lost identity cards.

The assistant county commissioner for Nyang’oma in Bondo sub-county, Samson Akach said that the fraudsters use lost ID cards belonging to unsuspecting members of the public to register SIM cards which give them access to different mobile lending platforms.

Speaking at a public baraza Thursday, the administrator cited the case of an old man whose Identity Card was stolen and used to take a loan amounting to Sh15000 without his knowledge.

“These boys take a loan of a thousand shillings and pay back, take another loan increasing the value until these applications give them the highest loan limit then they discard the sim cards and the lenders go after the real owners of the identity cards,” Akach disclosed.

Akach further added that such activities lead to blacklisting by the CRB and one cannot borrow loans elsewhere. - KNA

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