Push for Building Bridges Initiative on course, says Uhuru

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Friday, July 23rd, 2021 00:00 | 3 mins read
President Uhuru Kenyatta presents one of the Rabai residents with a title deed. A total of 2,169 titles were issued to residents who he urged not to be enticed into selling their birthright for temporary pleasure. Photo/PSCU

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday maintained his resolve to push for the Building Bridges Initiative and insisted the constitutional reform process is still on course.

Speaking at Kasidi Primary School, Kilifi County, during the issuance of 2,100 tittles, Uhuru described BBI as important to Kenyans as it is intended to bring solutions to challenges bedevilling the country such as the historical land injustices.

He asked politicians to prioritise service delivery to the people, saying leaders should stop threatening the country’s unity irrespective of their political affiliation.

Na ndio maana nasema tunataka kupitisha hii BBI, ndio tuhakikishe kila sauti ya Mkenya inasikika na ina maana Kenya (and that’s why We want to pass this BBI so that everyone can have good representation and his voice can be heard,”Uhuru said.

March 2018 Handshake

Referring to his March 9, 2018 Handshake with Opposition leader Raila Odinga, Uhuru  said the clamour to bring the country together would continue to be encouraged, warning against peace detractors.

“Those who don’t want people to come together, they are the problem, let’s respect one another irrespective of our political affiliation,” he said even as he urged Kenyans to desist from divisive politics.

The President yesterday assured the country that he would not be derailed by politics in delivering his campaign pledges to Kenyans.

“I will deliver on my pledge. I will deliver on my promise,” the President said in reference to development and issuance of land tittles in the country.

His sentiments come just a day after Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Raila Odinga maintained the BBI process is still on course.

Court process

The BBI constitutional reform process is currently the subject of a Court of Appeal case that will be determined on August 20.

While issuing 2,100 tittles in Rabai, President Kenyatta warned squatters against invading private lands or lands that are owned by the government, saying that has remained as a big threat to peace asking politicians to desist from inciting the public to invade lands.

“For those who think they will get a solution through killing,let them know we will catch up with them,let’s not use an excuse of fighting for land to kill,this must stop,if there is a problem let’s follow the right procedures,”warned the president.

Uhuru said more titles would be availed in Rabai area by September adding that by the end of the year the Jubilee administration will spend a total of Sh 4.2 billion in the exercise of processing and issuance of tittle deeds to squatters.

“My plea is to the beneficiaries to use land as an inheritance and help empower yourself economic wise,”said Kenyatta,adding that he is in consultation with Mazrui family to give out some of its land to resettle squatters.

Kenyatta said more adjudications are being undertaken at Kwa Domo where 1,000 titles will be issued by December,other lands include the Mazrui land, Msabaha and Kilifi North in Takaungu.

President Kenyatta who extended his coastal tour in Rabai yesterday said he is committed to deliver a solution to the problem of land that has beleaguered the coastal people.

“I had given a promise that I will not be a letter to invite,but a leader to bring solution to problems that are affecting the people of the Republic of Kenya, among them the land problem in the coast which has remained a thorn in the flesh,”said Kenyatta.

While addressing the gathering Lands cabinet secretary Farida Karoney said the government is committed to deliver land tittles to the coastal people who have for decades suffered from squatter problem.

The government has issued over five million tittles since 2013, terming it as the largest statistics. Since independence until 2013, only 52,000 tittles had been issued.

During the event Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi said the region is still reeling from squatter problem with most of huge chunks of land being absentee landlords.

Kingi appealed the Government to purchase some of the lands who their owners are willing to sell so that it can resettle hundreds of families who are sitting areas owned by absentee landlords among them the Mazrui family.

“I have no financial strength but if we cooperate this huge pieces of land that their owners are willing to sell, the government can help us purchase it and resettle our people, “said Kingi urging the ministry of lands to also factor in community lands.

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