Put politics aside and focus on environment, governments told

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024 05:46 | By
Unep Executive director Inger Anderson speaking in Nairobi on Monday. PHOTO/Milliam Murigi
Unep Executive director Inger Anderson speaking in Nairobi on Monday. PHOTO/Milliam Murigi

United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) Executive Director, Inger Andersen has rallied governments to agree on a list of resolutions being discussed in the ongoing 6th session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-6) in Nairobi for future generations.

She delivered her speech on the backdrop of observations by some African Ministers of Environment, including Kenya’s own Soipan Tuya, that the world is aware of who is bearing the brunt of environmental turmoil.

Addressing Ministers of Environment from the UN’s 193 member states on Monday, Andersen called on nations to put aside their political differences for the purpose of addressing the present environmental challenges confronting the world.

“We do this by agreeing on the resolutions before UNEA-6 to boost multilateral action for today and tomorrow, and secure intergenerational justice and equity,” she said ahead of tomorrow’s high level meeting - expected - to be presided over by President William Ruto.

“It is time to lay political differences aside and focus on this little blue planet, teeming with life. “Time to lift our sights to our common goal: a pathway to a sustainable and safe future,” said Andersen.

By Friday, when the curtains on the UNEA-6 will come down, countries are expected to consider some 19 resolutions, part of a broader push to spur more ambitious multilateral environmental action.

The resolutions cover, among other issues, circular economy; solar radiation modification; effective, inclusive, and sustainable multilateral actions towards climate justice; sound management of chemicals and waste; sand and dust storms.

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