Quack doctor Wairimu to spend 29 years in prison

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 09:00 | By
James Mugo Ndichu at Milimani law courts. PD/Charles Maathai

Quack doctor James Mugo Ndichu, alias Wairimu, was yesterday sentenced to 29 years in jail for unlawfully administering drugs to women patients at his clinic with intent to rape them.

Milimani Chief Magistrate Wendy Micheni convicted Mugo on 10 of the 12 counts he was charged with.

The court considered Mugo’s mitigation and the seriousness of the offences while delivering the sentence.

She noted that Mugo was a danger to society, especially women, and needed to be kept away.

“He (Mugo) endangered the female patients and would administer to them drugs and rape them. He made himself a gynecologist,” the magistrate said.

The court said the prosecution did not query Mugo’s academic credentials but his operating medical facilities without a permit and administering drugs to patients with the intention of raping them.

In the second count, the magistrate sentenced Mugo to serve 25 years in jail, without the three years he has already served in remand.

Unknown drug

On each of the third, fourth and seventh count, Mugo was sentenced to serve six months in jail while on counts five, eight, nine, ten, 11 and 12, he was sentenced to one year in jail each.

The sentences will run concurrently.

Mugo had been accused of raping a woman patient at Prestige Healthcare Clinic in Githurai 44 in 2015 after administering four tablets of unknown drug to her.

In his mitigation, Mugo said he was remorseful as he started his career to serve the community and the country only to end up behind bars.

“I regret that what I started as a noble ambition took me to where I am. I pray for a lenient sentence that will allow me to join my family and continue serving my community as a citizen,” he told the court.

He said he was happy that the matter had come to a conclusion after seven years. He prayed for lenient sentences as he has elderly parents.

“My parents have never known peace since 2015 as they are traumatised seeing me in jail. I will be turning 47 in December and my remaining productive life is not long. Please give me a light sentence,” Mugo told the court.

“Please consider my mitigation and give me hope as I suffer from high blood pressure, hyperthyroid and Asthma,” he pleaded.

The prosecution, however, said the charges before court were not about his academic qualifications but about operating unlicensed clinics.

“The charges are whether he had a license or not. None has been produced before you. We proved that Mugo had no practicing license,” Prosecution counsel Anderson Gikunda told the court.

On Thursday last week, Mugo was convicted after the court found him guilty of operating an illegal medical facility and administering unknown drugs to a woman patient.

Previous conviction

The court, however, acquitted him on two counts of raping a woman patient and employing an unregistered laboratory technician or technologist for lack of evidence.

On these two counts, the magistrate found that the prosecution failed to prove each of them beyond reasonable doubt. “I accordingly acquit the accused person for lack of evidence,” ruled Micheni.

In the other ten counts, the magistrate convicted Mugo, saying that the prosecution has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he committed the offences.

Gikunda told the court that the accused has a previous conviction and he is serving an-11-year sentence for different charges of operating unlicensed medical facilities including Milan Health International Limited in Kayole in 2018.

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