Raila challenges electoral body to allow server audit

Monday, February 13th, 2023 11:11 | By
Raila Odinga during Azimio meeting in Nairobi on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. PHOTO/Raila Odinga/Twitter

Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga yesterday challenged the national polls agency  to open the server and make public  the results of the last General Election.

 Raila, who is on a countrywide blitz to highlight what he calls  the failures of the  President William Ruto  administration maintained that the audit of the results done by a whistle-blower were authentic.

 The former Prime Minister maintained that Ruto did not win the election and that the Azimio brigade does not reorganise him as President.

He says they will in the coming days publish the results of the August 9 General Election to enable Kenyans know what happened in the last election.

 “The law says results of the election must be published from all the 210 constituencies. This did not happen,” he said while addressing rallies in Busia yesterday.

 “There are no County Returning Officers, the law only recognises Constituency Returning Officers and the results we are going to publish will reflect what was received from all the 210 constituencies,” he added.

Raila was accompanied by Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua, Wiper party boss Kalonzo Musyoka, former Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya and lawmakers from the county.

Karua claimed that a whistle-blower’s report depicted a different set of results.   Karua accused the Kenya Kwanza administration of overtaxing Kenyans who were suffering under the heavy weight of hunger and high cost of living.

Kila mwezi, kwa hiyo karibu miezi tano waliokalia wanakusanya ushuru billioni mia moja, sabini na tatu, hiyo miezi wamekuwa, wameokota Sh863 billion .... hiyo pesa yote imeenda wapi kama haijateremsha bei ya unga?’’

“wewe unaambiwa ulipe kodi, lakini mabwanyenye wenye kesi za kodi zimeondolewa, wewe ndio utabeba mzigo,”Karua said.

 Odinga maintains that William Ruto did not win the 2022 presidential election and that Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition does not recognise him as the president of Kenya.

He says they will in the coming days publish the results of the August 9 General Election in accordance with the constitution so that Kenyans can know what exactly happened after they cast their votes.

Raila is fighting a revolt in his movement with some of his party MPs declaring support for President Ruto.

However Raila and  former President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM party l have moved to quel any fallout in the opposition coalition, saying it was still intact and that  all was well.

Jubilee split

 The Azimio principals sentiments however come in the wake of recent imminent split in the Jubilee party, an affiliate of the coalition.

 A section of Jubilee party members had threatened to with withdraw from the coalition, while declaring to support Kenya Kwanza government.

 On the other hand, there has also been discord in the ODM party after a section of the party MPs recently visited State House.

 Raila reiterated his stance on the issue, terming as traitors the lawmaker who visited State House in the name of charting with the President the development needs of the people.

 He argued that all the development programs are appropriated within the national budget, therefore it was unnecessary for anybody to trick individuals to secure development.

 “Jo ma ne oweya ka gin andhoke kendo waonge gima watimo kodgi (those who left me for Ruto are our betrayers hence we have nothing to do with them,” Raila said.

 The two leaders spoke while addressing roadside rallies after attending the burial of former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha in Gem, Siaya County on Saturday.

 The duo who were taking out together to the public to address Kenyans after the last General election, were given an arousing welcome.

  Raila insisted that their victory in the presidential election was stolen and that they were out to push for electoral reforms ahead of the next general election.

 “We have started a  journey to reclaim what belongs to us. Ruto and I was  on political battle but there was no free and fair grounds and until now can not accept his victory,” he said.

 Uhuru maintained that Raila was still leader despite his performance in the previous presidential election.

 While at the burial, the politicians downplayed politics and only concentrated on praising the late Magoha for his lifes and times, saying he was a diligent performer during his tenure as a Cabinet Secretary.

 Raila said they will continue with the nationwide rallies to push for electoral democracy. ODM legislators led by Siaya Governor James Orengo echoed Raila’s remarks, equally castigating Nyanza  MPs for  abandoning  Azimio leader Raila Odinga in the hour of need to dine with his arch rival President Ruto. Orengo noted that those who succeeded in their political bid after they were endorsed and supported by Raila chose to distance with his idealogies and went to an extent of not attending meetings.

Governor Orengo said the politicians move was uncalled for and a betrayal to Raila and Azimio coalition whose aim now is to push government to fulfill it’s campaigns.

He reminded the legislators that several politicians from Luo community who were sturbon and went to seek political posetions ended up dying in unclear circumstances.

“As Luos, we have struggled for good governance for this Country and ends up with lots of disappoinment but that had not dettered us”, said Orengo adding the recent move by our Luo leaders to dine with President Ruto as Raila needed them most is indeed a disappoint.

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